Hello enlightened friend,

My name is Andy Dooley and I want to ROCK your vibration!
I am a ViBRATiON ACTiVATiON™ coach, law of attraction expert, author, poet, spiritual comedian, artist and… I run with scissors, naked!

Okay, that’s enough about me! Here’s a short poem for YOU.

FeeLING focused and GrOOvy,
YoU Are the StAr in yOur Own mOvie.

You’re Writing the ScRipt and fulFilling YouR pART,
YouR PoweR is NOW, LiVE from yOuR HeaRT.

THE Cosmic mOvie of YouR LiFE neVer Ends,
NeVeR 4get YouR ImaginATion TrAnsCendS.

Please subscribe to my blog and my YouTube channel. Visit my web site andydooley.com for Vibration Activation ™ tour dates and cool art.



18 Responses to “About”

  1. moira sutton Says:

    Hello Andy,

    Congratulations on your art work. I love the colors and what you write. I also love receiving your emails and always smile.

    I am in the process of co-producing two shows – one for television and one is web based. I would love to interview you if you are ever in the Toronto – area, Canada. You can find out more about me at http://www.successbreakthrough.com and thank you.

    Wishing you continued fun, inspiration, abundance and success in all areas of your life!



  2. Vanessa Taylor Says:

    Love the Art work Andy. I want to talk with you about a most amazing venue to exhibit and it’s perfect cos the LOA rocks!!!

  3. Danielle Says:

    Hey there superstar!!!!!! Thanks for making me laugh my butt off kind of like the superbowl commercials….so did you manifest the woman yet??? Hey, more blogging please it is ALWAY wonderful to hear your humorous soul…it makes my day!!!!!!

  4. Renee Shalhoub Says:

    I loved listening to you speak and your presentation in White Plains. it was my first ever experience with anything “Dooley” and, hopefully, not my last. I am busy being blissful and enjoying my amazing good fotune in life thus far. However, I’ve a favor to ask. I missed part of a quote that you shared in the seminar and wondered if you could send it my way. It was the way to avoid “bad” things happening while receiving good from the universe It started out “I now expect the unexpected, my amazing good fortune… … under grace and perfect ways.” somehow I misssed the middle words. Plus I am trying to convert my husband and while I was in White Plains with you, He was skiiing and he came home excited that the Universe answered his prayers for new skiis because his were stolen that day. so….. I reallly need the rest of that quote. THanks In best of life, love and laughter, Renee

  5. Danielle Says:


    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for helping me to get off the roller coaster of seeking answers and to start living my life….what a wonderful refreshing way to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE your art work….Heres to the future!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Edward Lawrence Says:

    Hey, Andy –
    I loved your humor and inspiration in Atlanta tonight. So here’s an action item (as you suggested). Maybe you or your community would be interested in my alter ego, Yogi Yuyu. He’s found enlightenment through ice cream, and his book is available now at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Yogi-Yuyus-Answers-Edward-Lawrence/dp/B002AD1NBU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8& amp;s=books&qid=1245864257&sr=1-1

  7. Eric Says:

    I stumbled across your blog when i was searching for “life’s a party”. I like your blog. Forwarded to a few others.

  8. Dom Mogavero Says:

    Andy, I love your stuff!!!
    Can I post some of your blogs in my blog? Of course I will give you all the credit, with all the links back to you.
    Let me know.

    Dom Mogavero
    186B Eglin Pkwy
    Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548

  9. Linda Hickle Says:

    Charlotte seminar was awesome…YaHoo!! Everything I had hoped for but more…That’s Right!

  10. Erika Says:

    Hey Andy,

    Wasn’t sure where to post so here seems as good as anywhere. Just love your videos, and love of life. I am now the very proud owner of one of your art works, Live your dream… Guess what family and friends are getting for Christmas!! Love it. Erika from Darwin, NT Australia

  11. Angela Says:

    Thanks for the inspiration… who could not be happy/smile when they listen/watch you. Your great !!

  12. Deb Says:

    Andy! I recently discovered you, your website, and your compelling message of joyful manifestation. (To be honest, I’ve heard it before from others but YOUR approach to delivering the message totally resonates with me.) I’d really like to attend one of your workshops. Will you be updating the schedule soon with more detail? Also, more videos please! They rock!

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