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7 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late

November 27, 2013


Years ago I felt like the biggest failure. LOSER on my face.

I wanted to become the 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 World Champion of Public Speaking. I tried every year for 4 years. UGH! I studied and practiced, was a member of two different Toastmaster clubs, my dream NEVER came true. What The Heck!

Law of Attraction sucks!

Turns out not winning was the best thing for me. I realized I did not need to become the world champion of public speaking to become a professional speaker. What was I thinking? I went out knocking on doors and cold calling spiritual book stores and Unity churches to see if they would have me speak. Guess what? It worked 🙂

I ended up speaking at over 20 Unity churches around the country doing my spiritual comedy. During this time I was offering workshops which would later become Vibration Activation™. Sweetness.

Law of Attraction ROCKS!

Now today I am living the dream of speaking, coaching, traveling and beyond.

Where ever you are right now, whatever your job title, bank account and your age. Please don’t let that define you! You are so much more then numbers and a job title.

Here’s 7 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late.

1. Where you are does not define who you are! My cool brother Mike, coined this phrase. Think about it. All your power is now and where you are will never define who you are. You are a divine, sublime, cosmic, conscious, creator of epic proportions. You can do this! Visualize the end result and have fun discovering more of your awesomeness.

2. Chocolate and kisses can still be given and received! Yes, it’s never too late to give someone you love kisses and chocolate. Both can be used as motivation and appreciation! On your journey to your destination be sure to give lots of them.

3. You are way more powerful and creative then you think. Do you realize you are just one idea, one decision away from changing your life? The answers you seek are already inside of you! Start asking questions again to tap into your creative power. Who? What? Where? How and Why? Ask these questions about your life and business, make a decision and move forward.

4. You are loved more then you can possibly imagine. You came from love remember? You’re a fearless adventurer and you plunged yourself into the illusion of separation. Now you’re journeying back to love. All you have to do is focus and allow yourself to feel it and be it!

5. Reality is an illusion and you’re an actor on the stage of life. Start acting like the person you want to become. Walk the talk, live from the place as if you are already living the dream. Your dream life is waiting for you to start acting the part. You know how to do this, you’ve been acting your whole life. Activate don’t hesitate.

6. Your best days are before you. Everything you have been asking for is waiting for you. Your best days are fast approaching if you…. get into alignment with your desires. HOW? By feeling first, manifestation second. If you can’t feel it you can’t have it! So start feeling it and give out some free hugs, kisses and chocolate too.

7. If Betty White can have a rocking career at 91 years old what can you do? There is no limit to what you can create in your life. Age and money are irrelevant. It’s all about your alignment with your desires. If Betty White can manifest her own calendar, music videos, etc. What can you manifest? If you want more info on my Vibration Activation™ program which teaches you exactly how to get into alignment with your desires in 3 easy steps. CLICK HERE!

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3 Quick Steps To Kill Your Fears!

November 20, 2013


All your power is NOW!

You are not a prisoner of your past.

Everyday we encounter fearful thoughts and situations. For example:

  • What if my child gets into drugs?
  • What if I can’t payoff my debt and lose my house/car?
  • What if I get cancer? What if I get fired?

If you have been listening to Vibration Activation™ then you have learned how to stop that negative train of thought! It works if you use it! Then ask yourself the question, what is working in my life? What can I appreciate? What’s the gift in this situation?
When you change your FOCUS you change how you feel!
Step 2. VISUALIZE the end result you want to create. Really get into the FEELING of success, feel the celebration of all the pieces coming together and the positive impact you’re creating in the world. As soon as you’re done reading this please visualize the end result you want to create.
Step 3. Take a nap! Yes, take a nap! Years ago when I was struggle to make ends meet and find my path I would easily get overwhelmed with stress and the fear of not being able to pay off my debt. Almost everyday I would get tired fast. Rather then fight it. I would take a nap. Sweet relief.
I would set the intention that when I woke up 30-45 minutes later, I would have clarity on my next step and would feel refreshed and energized. Plus, before taking the nap I would FOCUS on everything that was working in my life.
Today, I rarely take naps because I am in the flow more often then not. Plus, I have become a great at directing my focus and thoughts! But sometimes I will push myself to hard and take a nap or listening to one of my own guided visualizations.
If you want more information on breaking free from FEAR and getting more done and having more fun, then please check out my new audio program Vibration Activation™. It’s loaded with awesome guided visualizations. Here’s some of what you will learn.

  • Activate the life you desire in 3 easy steps
  • How to deal with negative people
  • Manifesting unlimited abundance
  • How to overcome your fears and procrastination
  • Guided visualization for instant activation
  • How to detach from your desires
  • Plus more, click here for more info.

All your power is now. Don’t let FEAR get in the way of your awesomeness! Today is the day, hip hip hooray!
Say goodbye to your fears and hello to your awesome life.
Activate don’t hesitate,

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3 Fast Ways To Instantly Improve Your Situation.

November 7, 2013


Are you in the middle of a crappy situation? Bad relationship, health crisis, can’t pay your bills?

1. Change the MEANING of your situation.
Do you realize there is no inherit meaning in any situation. What happens to you is meaningless until you give it a meaning. It’s TRUE!

I recently met a beautiful girl, started dating, fell in love and then it did not work out! I felt like a failure. But as soon as I focused on the gift of the situation and changed the meaning I felt 1,000 times better about my situation.

One person can be going through a divorce and believe they’re unworthy and not lovable and another person in the same situation believes it’s an opportunity to discover who they really are and do what they really want. Emancipation baby!

What new meaning can you give your situation that will inspire you into living your dream?

2. Ask this simple question. What’s the gift in this situation? Really look for the gift and the opportunity. It’s an opportunity for you to discover more of who you are and to use the Vibration Activation™ tools I have been sharing with you!

Sometimes you’re so caught up in your situation you can’t see the diamond while staring at a piece of coal. Right now ask the question, what’s the gift in this situation?

3. Getting clarity about what you really want.
In the middle of every bad situation is the opportunity to get really clear and focused about what you want to create. I know this sounds simple but most people over look this opportunity!

Because of your crappy situation what are you clear about creating in your life now?

So what’s your bad situation? Is it a relationship, job, health, money, kids, your career, living space? You can improve it instantly. One, create a new meaning. Two. Ask yourself, what’s the gift? Three, get yourself really clear about what you want to create going forward.

It really is easy and you do have the power right now! Remember how you feel is how you attract. When you change how you feel you change your life!

Activate don’t hesitate,