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You’re holding the key

June 29, 2011

YoU’ve Got 2 teLL the nEw StorY,
Raise Your Vibe, feEL the GLorY.
NoW You’Re HoldInG The Key,
It’s time 2 set Yourself FREE!

1 Decision Can Change Your Life!

June 14, 2011


First, start believing in yourself, believe you are smart enough, creative enough. Believe you are worthy.

Second, activate the vision see yourself being, doing and having your desire and feeling the good vibrations of success.

Third, make a decision about what you want or which road to take. Make a DECISION and follow it with inspired action and you’ll start manifesting satisfaction!

YoU MuSt BeLieVe in YoURseLf,
Don’t PuT YOur DreAms on A SheLf.

MakE A DeCision, AcTiVate The ViSiON.
DRop the FeAR and GEt YoUr bOOty in GeAr!

Cosmic Dream Celebration

June 2, 2011

It’s EasY 2 FoRgEt Your Life is A DreAm CoME True,
And There’s AbsOlutely nOthing You Can’t dO.

StOp For A mOment and fEEL the LoVe in YOur HeArt,
Then ReMember YOur LifE is A wOrk of ART.

YoUR LiVIng iNsIDE a CosMIc dreAm CelebRAtioN,
NoW is tHE TiMe 2 ACTiVate A PosiTiVE VibratioN.

Shocking Testimonials 4 Andy Dooley

June 2, 2011

WOW! I am truly blown away with what people are saying! This is something I once dreamed of hearing and now it’s happening! Here I am traveling around the world giving a workshop that is truly touching people’s lives!

The message here is simple. Sit on your couch, drink beer and all your dreams will come true! Just kidding! Follow your passion, follow the fun! Start small and love the journey!