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Are Your Big Dreams Killing You?

October 7, 2011


APPRECIATION: You must learn to appreciate your unfulfilled dreams and desires. This video has more info, music and dancing!!!

ALIGNMENT: You must align yourself with the feeling of your dream as if it has already happened! It’s FEELING FIRST, MANIFESTATION SECOND!

ALLOWING: You must learn to allow your dreams to come true and stop trying to MAKE your dreams come true. Watch me rock out in this epic video!

DoN’t Let AnoTher DreAm BiTe the DuST,
It’s TiMe 2 Let Go of tHe STruggLE and TruST.

YoU’Ve Got to cHAnge Your ParAdigm, ReAdjuSt.
It’s Time 2 BLAZe New TrAiLs, and ReMoVe the RuST.