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YES, YES, YES! They lost my luggage!

August 11, 2009


Can you believe it? My luggage did not arrive when I did. YIKES!!!
Luckily it was on my return flight home. No such thing as luck!

Did I create this reality?

Me, Mr. Positive-thinking, funny guy? YES!

Can you believe the airline did NOT put my luggage on
the plane? YES!

Will I fly this airline again? YES!

• How/why did I create this?
• Is there something wrong with me?
• Is the Universe trying to tell me something?

I just asked 3 questions, all of which are NOT going to help me.
When things don’t go your way there is only one question to
ask yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This one question will dramatically change how you feel and what you continue to attract into your life! This one question ROCKS, here it is.

What would Jesus do? Just kidding! Although, it’s not a bad question.

The question is so simple you will be surprised. But before I tell you, let me remind you that you do create your own reality all the time whether you like it or not. All of it, not most of it! All of it!

When you manifest something you don’t like or want, ask yourself.

What do I want instead of this? Immediately you will be presented with new answers and desires. New desires equal new thoughts, which equals new focus, which starts attracting what you do want!!!

Be sure to ask this question from a curious feel-good place. If you ask this question and you’re angry and upset you will not come up with any answers that serve you.

Answers: I want my luggage to arrive on time. I want the airline to be successful at handling every ones luggage. I want this to be a non-issue. I want to focus on all the other flights I have taken and how my luggage always arrived on time. I want to stay focused on how amazing it is that I can fly through the air at 32,000 feet while watching a movie and arrive on the other side of the world with my luggage. I want to continue to love traveling! I want to applaud all the baggage handlers who have a huge job every day! I want this to be a non-issue.

In every moment we get to decide what questions we ask ourselves and what to focus on. Focus equals feeling, and how you feel is how you attract. You are always in control! This applies to everyday little things as well as big issues you may be dealing with today.

Next time something does not go your way use it to your advantage and ask yourself. What do I want instead of this? Make sure you ask with a smile and focus on the positive. By staying focused on what you want instead of what you don’t want, you are going to start creating a new reality that’s 100 times better!

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