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Here’s a guided visualization 4 you!

November 24, 2011

APPreciation IS the maGic KeY,
Let it FiLL YouR Heart and Set U Free.
Feeling APPreciATioN is how U wAnt 2 B,
HeaVEn is on EaRth Can’t U SEE?


November 17, 2011


Most people think once I manifest what I want then I’ll be happy and give thanks! WRONG!

First you have to give thanks and be happy, then you’ll manifest what you want! HIGH-5!

WHY does it work this way? Because how you feel is how you attract. Therefore, it’s always FEELING FIRST, MANIFESTATION SECOND!

Whatever it is you want/desire, start giving thanks for already receiving it! Then you’ll be happy!

Remember, the FEELING of happiness is what you’re really after!

Thankfulness = Happiness!

THANK YOU! thank you! THANK YOU! thank you! THANK YOU! thank you! THANK YOU! thank you! THANK YOU! thank you! THANK YOU!

Andy AKA – Mr. Happy feet!

– Can you find the toaster in the art? Visual answer here!

What R U looking for anyway?

November 10, 2011

EveRYthiNg YoU’re LooKinG 4 iS INsiDE of YoU NoW,
YoU’re ALwaYs After The feELing of WOW!

TuNe into YoUr SelF and SToP SeArching OuTsidE,
YoU haVe So MuCh 2 GiVe and Nothing 2 HIDE.

You’re LiKe A VoLcAno That’s ReAdY to BLoW,
EmBrace YoUr inner SpiRit and SaY HeLLO.

What R U looking for anyway?

A better life, more money, your keys? Did you lose your keys again?

It all starts by looking inside yourself. Because what you’re really after is the FEELING of success and happiness.

Duh! It’s easy to forget. That’s why you’re reading this! Yippee!

Ultimately, you want to FEEL better about yourself. Who you are and what you’re doing with your life.

The outside world is a reflection of your inside world. Which is made up of your thoughts, beliefs and expectations.

Don’t look to the outside world and don’t wait on the outside! You will die waiting! Look within yourself to feel better about your life.

Change your inner thoughts, beliefs and expectations. And watch the outside world transform into rainbows, butterflies and purple titanium unicorns. Just kidding about the butterflies!

Spontaneously yours,

Andy – AKA Mr. Vibration Activation©

SmiLe On YoUr FacE

November 3, 2011


You’re the CreATor of YoUr TiME and SpACE,
Don’t Let Anyone ERase ThAt SmiLe On YoUr FacE.

WeAR it ProUD, sAy, “I ROCK,” out Loud.
And tHen You’ll be FLoAting on A CoSMic CLoUd.


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