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Visualize it baby!

April 26, 2010

When you visualize you’re not visualizing to, ‘make it happen,’ you don’t visualize to tell the Universe/God/LOA what you want!

You visualize to create the FEELING of your desire!

Because how you feel is how you attract, and that’s a fact JACK!

You’re after the ‘AS IF’ feeling! ‘AS IF’ you were already living it, being it, doing it, having it. WooHoo!

Bonus Tip: Physically SMILE really big when you visualize, don’t stop smiling, ever!

Step 1: Close your eyes and play some inspirational music that moves you emotionally. (Really makes you feel good)

Step 2: Visualize your self being, doing or having your desire. Visualize yourself celebrating with family and friends! See yourself beaming with joy, love and laughter!

Step 3: Intensify your emotions by making the pictures in your mind bigger and brighter. Hear the voices of family and friends telling you how awesome you are. Say thank you, thank you during the visualization.

When the inspirational music you’re listening to comes to the end you’re done!

Now here’s the really FUN part!!!


This is your life! Don’t put it off till later. Seize the moment!

Don’t wait for your fairy Godmother to show up. She’s not coming! You’re the only one that can turn it all around; you’ve got to listen to that funky sound!

If you want help with guided visualizations check out my audio program. Click here! It’s filled with contemporary, uplifting guided visualizations. If you already own my audio program pull it back out and put in CD number 7 and visualize today and everyday!!!!

Andy – AKA. Mr. Funky

Fear no more!

April 6, 2010

What are you afraid of?

Failure? Looking stupid? Come on, you have looked stupid and failed before. One more time is not going to kill you. It might SAVE YOU!

And what if you don’t fail this time? What if you break through and find the golden statue inside the temple?

WHAT IF today is the day…
• you meet that special someone?
• the deal goes through?
• your ship comes in?
• you have that killer idea?

Positive expectations lead to killer manifestations, dude!

The quickest way to KILL your fear is to live in the moment and SMILE. That’s right smile!

What are you waiting for your fairy Godmother?

Go ahead and smile right now, smile really BIG!!!!!!!

WOW you have a frisky, funky, fantastic smile, with chocolate sprinkles!

Andy – aka Mr. Smiley

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