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20 years in the blink of an eye!

July 27, 2009


This past weekend I stayed out on the beach
for my 20 year college (Ringling School of Art and Design)
reunion. WOW!!! It was awesome to see everyone!

None of us could believe how fast the time has gone!
The simple lesson there is, carpe diem –
The next 20 years is tomorrow!

Saturday was a beautiful day. I rented a Hobie Cat
and went sailing for a couple hours with my best friend,
who looked really hot in her polka dot bikini!

Sunday morning I was sitting on my balcony looking
out on the Gulf of Mexico watching the most amazing
dark, ominous clouds filled with thunder and lighting
approaching the beach!!!

You could see the big storm clouds moving in;
you could feel the breeze blowing harder and
feel the energy in the air.


It’s funny, everywhere I go this summer on my
tour (Seattle, Chicago, Santa Fe, etc.) everyone
tells me if you don’t like the weather wait 10 minutes,
it will change!

It’s funny because everyone that says it believes
that where they live is the only place that the
weather changes so fast!

How come we don’t apply this same attitude towards
our own reality?
If you don’t like your current reality,
don’t worry. You can change it in 10 minutes or 10
years, you get to decide!

Reality is not permanent, it appears permanent but
it’s not! It’s your thoughts that need changing
because that is what is creating your reality! This
is often overlooked. It sounds too simple to change
your thoughts! Instead we try to change the physical
conditions forgetting that it was thought that created
the physical conditions.

Sunday morning as this big storm rolled in it was hard
to believe that just yesterday it was a perfect day at
the beach! The storm hit with full force, the wind and
rain blasted the hotel, it was awesome! 10 minutes later
it was gone and the sun started to break through the

What are the big storms in your life right now?

The only thing you can do is accept and embrace
the big storms in your life and know that behind
them are blue skies and sunshine.

Same with negative emotions. Behind frustration,
anger, revenge, fear, etc. is joy, love and laughter!

The only way to change your weather is to change
your thoughts. The fun way to do this is by telling
yourself a NEW story of how things are beginning
to get better!

I am a big fan of creating a new story of your success
and happiness and start telling it to yourself right now
before you even see the sunshine and blue skies. See
my previous blog for how to tell a new story here.

No matter how fast your life is going right now, no
matter how many storms are happening right now!
You must start telling yourself a new story of how
things are starting to get better and how you are
finally beginning to stay more positive in the middle
of a big storm!!!

How you’re becoming more focused on your desires
and how your life is getting better and better and
how everything always works out for you!!!

If you want me to walk you through a
step-by-step process, sign up for my
1 day workshop, “Reclaiming Your Divinity”
or listen to my audio program AAFF.

Here’s this weeks inspirational poem that
goes with the artwork above:

Your life is going so super fast,
Embrace every day as if it was your last.

Give all the love you have today,
Tomorrow never comes anyway.

The more you give the more you will receive,
Open your heart and start to believe.

Because all your desires know your name,
Each one reminds you that life is a game.

When you play to love and give,
That is when you truly start to live!

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How to manifest your BIG dream faster!

July 27, 2009


Life sucks when what you want is not showing up,
year after year after year after year after,
you get the idea.

The longer it takes the more resistance
you’re creating and you don’t even realize
that it’s building up!!!

I hate it when that happens!

It’s your resistance that keeps you from
having it now!

One of the best ways I have found to let
go of resistance is to make PEACE with where
I am in relation to where I want to be.

It’s not in trying harder, meditating longer
visualizing more or going to Burning Man.
It’s making peace that puts you into the
receiving mode.

Making peace is using the Law of Allowing.

Here’s what happens when you make peace
with your current situation:

• You start attracting more opportunities to you
• The Universe starts creating synchronicities
• You have more energy and get sick less often
• You become more in tune with your inner guidance
• You increase your attraction power

Resistance is a killer. You MUST let go of it!

Make peace with exactly the way things are right
now today! This does NOT mean let go of your desire.
It means let go of the stress and anxiety around your
desire. Let go of trying to figure out how. Let go of
trying to force it to happen.

I came up with a simple yet powerful way to
remember to let go of your resistance. Next time
you feel yourself getting frustrated with where you
are and you feel that you should be further along
with your career, relationships, finances, health etc.

Say to yourself:


This will instantly shift your vibration of attraction
and remind you to be okay with where you are,
no matter how long you have been there.

Actually the longer you have been there the more
you need to make peace with being there! It’s not
going to be forever. Everything is always changing
and if you want change to be in your favor then you
have got to MAKE PEACE with where you are in
relation to where you want to be.

I AM WHERE I AM is powerful because it brings
you into the present moment where all of your
creative power will always be.

IT IS WHAT IT IS is powerful because you stop
making it worse than it is. You see your situation
as it is but don’t make it worse than it is! It is what
it is! You created it, now you get to deal with it.
Don’t make it worse than it is!

This comes from the old TV commercial for Alka Seltzer!
Depending on how old you are you may or may not
remember that commercial. This creates a simple
rhyme that makes it easy to remember and reminds
you to have fun with the art of manifesting!

The whole thing put together is a powerful incantation
that quickly puts you into the receiving mode of your
desires! It enables you to make the most of where
you are even though you want to be further along.
It gives you back your creative power and puts you
into the present moment where you can get the
most out of life!

Right now think of something in your life that you
want to manifest that has been taking too long.

Got it? Good!

Now when you start to feel negative emotions around
your desire, stop and say to yourself:


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