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Think, Focus, Feel, Attract!

January 5, 2010

Think, Focus, Feel, Attract

“I drilled three, one-inch holes in my wall and they are all in the wrong places!”

“Holy hell!”

Here’s a story of how my simple formula,
THINK, FOCUS, FEEL, ATTRACT saved the day!

I was installing new shelves in my home office. A destroy-it yourself project. I mean, do-it yourself project!

Look out! I’m a man on a mission with power tools!!! Arrrrrrrrr!

DeWALT cordless drill 8.9 turbo, power saw, power vacuum, my nail gun and cement mixer!

I have 3 holes in my wall that need to be spackled and painted before I can finish installing my new shelves!

I was standing in my garage looking around… I find the spackling.


Now, where is the touch up paint????

I am looking everywhere, high and low, left and right! I even looked in my underwear drawer! Whoa, can’t tell you what I found there!

I am thinking to myself, “I know I have touch up paint”.
“I know I have touch up paint.”

“WHERE is it????”

Shaking the cordless drill to the paint Gods in the sky!!!! “I can’t find it! I can’t find it! I can’t find it! I can’t find it!”
Ugh, frustration!!

This means I have to go to the paint store? I don’t have time! But I have to fix these holes before I can install the shelves!

Wait a MINUTE!!!!! My vibration of attraction is way off. I am not in the receiving mode of my beloved paint!

Okay, let’s look at my situation. What am I doing wrong? Duh!!!!

Standing in my garage saying, “I can’t find it! Where is it? I can’t find it? I have looked everywhere!”

I am more focused on the lack of it, rather than the presence of it!

I am focused on what I don’t want, instead of what I do want.

I want the paint but I keep saying to myself over and over. I can’t find it, where is it? I know it’s around here somewhere, I can’t find it!

With my thoughts and focus on, “I can’t find it”, I now begin to FEEL the impossibility of finding it!!!

How I feel is how I attract!

Even though I want the paint, even though I visualize myself painting my closet. I am still so focused on how I can NOT find the paint, that I am NOW vibrating at a frequency that will not allow me to find the paint. No matter how hard I try!

I looked everywhere and could not find it! It’s gone!

KABOOM – FLASH OF LIGHTING! Suddenly I heard a voice inside my head! (Celestial music in the background)

“If you want to find the paint you have to start feeling like you have already found it!!!!!!!”

Whoa, dude! I slowly put down the cordless drill!

At first I could not find that feeling anywhere, because I was frustrated and starting to get angry!

The “feeling” of finding the paint was no where to be found!

This is where I used my THINK, FOCUS, FEEL, ATTRACT formula!

First I had to find a thought, one simple thought that would bring me the feeling I was after! I wasn’t even sure what the feeling thought would be???

I put my hands over my head and said, “YES! I found the paint! Woohoo! I did it! There it is! I knew it was around here somewhere! I found the paint. It was right there!! Ha ha ha! Silly me. I found it!!! Woohoo!”

Now I just radically changed my whole body and the way I feel, by simply thinking new thoughts and using my body! (hands waving over my head.)

I was now FEELING AS IF I had found the paint!!! I was living it. I was now vibrating on the same frequency as the paint.

Then I said something spontaneously brilliant, “I found the paint, it was in the……”
I paused for a half a second because I was now going to say where I found the paint, but the truth was I did not KNOW because I had not found the paint yet!!!

I was lying to myself!!!!

But hey, I am just playing pretend, make believe, no big deal, just make up a location where I found the paint! Gulp!

I said out loud, “I found the paint in the… washing machine!!!!!”
Laughing, I danced around singing, I found the paint! It worked!

Then I thought, “Okay forget about it, go do something else.”

I walked out of the garage and just for kicks went into the laundry room, I looked inside the washing machine. I laughed at my silliness.

Then I stopped and looked up above the washing machine. I have cabinets. Inside those cabinets is laundry detergent, rags, shoe polish, etc.

I had the impulse to open up the cabinets……………

I opened up the cabinet door and……….. there was the paint!!!

I found the paint!

WHY? Because I found the feeling first!!

Feeling first, manifestation second!



First, I thought new thoughts. Then I focused on those new thoughts! Then I focused those new thoughts into the FEELING. Then I attracted my desire!

I would have NEVER found the paint if my focus and feeling was on the lack of paint, even though my desire was for the paint!!

I wanted the paint, I wanted it so bad!!! BUT IT wasn’t until I focused on the FEELING of finding the paint and feeling AS IF I had already found the paint that I changed my vibration of attraction and was now in the receiving mode of finding the paint!!

What are you looking for in your life?

What is driving you crazy because it has not manifested yet????

Right now how would you feel if you found it, discovered it, attracted it? How would you feel??? Feel it now by using the simple formula Think, Focus, Feel, Attract!

FIRST you have to deliberately think new thoughts. SECOND you have to focus on those thoughts for at least 2 minutes, 3 times a day. Throw in some guided visualization for fun. THIRD you have to feel those new thoughts!!! Get that feeling going inside your mind, body and soul. Feel the excitement, passion, joy, gratitude and appreciation. FOURTH know you are attracting it to you.

Then celebrate AS IF it’s already done and be happy! Now you are in the receiving mode of all your desires!

Remember, the feeling has to come first, the manifestation comes second!

If you can feel it, you can have it!

Think, Focus, Feel, Attract!

Andy – aka Mr. Home Improvement

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