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Nothing is off limits

October 19, 2009

4squaresLet go of your old story of lack and limitation,
Look to the horizon and find your new destination.

Feel your creative power and be strong,
Embrace your life and sing a new song.

I’ve had it… enough already!

I don’t want to hear about it again!!!


STOP telling that story of how you’re getting old,
life’s not fair and you’re computer illiterate!
If you want to change your life you MUST
change the story you’re telling about YOUR life!

You know you can have ANYTHING you desire,
nothing is off limits! This is NOT just positive thinking
and butterflies. This is the law! You know it works,
be honest, your whole life is proof!

All you have to do is… wait a minute! Brace yourself
for the, “That’s too good to be true,” answer.
READY? Seat belt on? All systems go!

All you have to do is keep your eyes on the prize.
Stay focused on what you WANT and tell the STORY
how it’s beginning to show up for you. How you’re
enjoying the journey. You’re listening to your heart.
You’re beginning to live the dream. You’re dancing
with life and you have found your groove!

Stay focused like a laser beam on what you WANT,
count your blessings (Facebook friends) and
FEEL good now! Celebrate today because all of
your dreams are on the WAY!!!

Love, butterflies and new stories,


PS – This week have fun manifesting Rock Star
parking spots!

PPS – Thanks for all the butterfly stories!

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The butterfly challenge

October 5, 2009


Later today the sun will set,
So why don’t you and I make a bet?

That every time you visualize you set the sky on fire,
Giving fuel to the Universe to fulfill your desire.

It doesn’t take much to turn your life around,
Before you know it, you’re the talk of the town.

Everything you need is inside of you,
Who are you kidding there’s nothing you can’t do?

I think this wager is over and done,
Smile real big because YOU JUST WON!

“Did you see that? WOW! That was sooooo beautiful,
just like I visualized it would be.”

Here’s a simple way to increase your attraction power,
no hype.

I dare you to manifest a butterfly! Go ahead, I want
you to manifest a butterfly this week. Why?

Because I said so! Just kidding. Here’s what I am up to:

Too often we get over-excited about manifesting the life
of our dreams; our vision board is filled with things that
are way beyond our current reach, and that’s okay.

But as time goes by we can get discouraged that our lover,
exciting career, and the new Prada handbag have not shown
up yet. (Guys substitute Prada for Porsche 911)

This is why I want to GIVE you the butterfly challenge.

The reason you want to manifest a butterfly is because it
will get you excited again about YOUR power to attract and
manifest!!! It’s PROOF that the Universe is not broken!

Let’s start with something small and build upon that. Then,
let’s visualize Rock Star parking spots, free lunches, meeting
that special someone and winning TUT’s next adventure!

Right now you do NOT have any resistance around manifesting a butterfly. It’s no big deal. Which is one of the reasons why some
of your desires come quicker then others – you have little or no resistance!

Okay, for FUN I want you to REALLY desire manifesting a butterfly
this week. Maybe even today! Ideally it will be a real butterfly,
but for starters, if it’s a picture of one that’s okay. Just manifest
a butterfly.

By accepting the butterfly challenge you will build up your
confidence and increase your attraction power. Plus, it’s
really good to give all of your other desires a rest because you
probably have more resistance around your big dreams than
you realize.

Let’s visualize a beautiful butterfly right now.

Put yourself in the picture and visualize this amazing
butterfly dancing around you. Feel the excitement and
joy of manifesting this butterfly!!! Visualize the colors
of the butterfly and now see this butterfly landing on
your nose!!! WOW! Realize this is NOT a coincidence!
This is Reality Creation 101! You’re passing with flying
colors and you’re attracting all of your desires to you
right now! Congratulate yourself and feel the joy of
deliberate manifestation! Feel the excitement of
manifesting and celebrate by saying THANK YOU,

Please email me your butterfly stories!

If you’d like to develop your ability to visualize your
desires and learn my 6 steps to successful visualization
then please check out my audio program. (Click here) It’s
filled with short, powerful, uplifting, guided visualizations
scored to contemporary music that you can listen to while
your driving, exercising or just chillin’ out on your yacht.

Happy, happy, smiley, smiley,


PS – If you already have pictures of butterflies in your
home or office then your challenge is to manifest a picture
of a camel or a kangaroo.

PPS – Your Awesome, Amazing, Fun and Fantastic.

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