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Life’s a Party!

September 17, 2009

uROCKLife’s a party and you’re number one,
It’s time for you to have some fun!

Dance and sing until 12 o’clock,
Remembering that you totally ROCK!

Truthfully the party did NOT start until you were born!
That’s right, you are the party, you’re the reason the
rooster crows, the skies are blue and UPS delivers!

You are the LIFE of the party and your life is a PARTY.

Unless you FORGOT!???

Don’t tell me you forget that your life’s a party?!

Well it’s not too late to wake up in the dream of life
and get out on the dance floor. Bust a move and
get into the groove! Everyone will follow your lead.

You’ve got the world in the palm of your hands and
you’re going to be traveling to distance lands.

Life loves you and you love life otherwise you would
not be reading this!

Imagine your favorite song just came on and everyone
is clapping for you, (go ahead visualize the scene)
you’re on the dance floor and they are all screaming
for more.

No matter how funky, crazy, wacky, and weird you
dance you can’t get it wrong because…. U ROCK!

PS – Love how you’re bringing back the Robot,
you freak-a-zoid!

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