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Shocking Testimonials for Vibration Activation

February 13, 2014

Should you attend my Vibration Activation™ workshop?

Please watch this short video so you can decide 🙂

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Namaste, Andy

Are you feeling stressed or blessed?

February 13, 2014



True or false. Gratitude is a powerful vibration to activate within yourself everyday 🙂 True.

I remember when I was starting my career as a speaker. I had small audiences but was always grateful.

Last weekend in Orlando and Miami, it was epic awesome. If you attended my workshop, THANK YOU. If you did not attend, I still LOVE you!

Today’s art/message is an important one. Years ago I always felt the stress of not being good enough. Comparing myself to everyone else and trying way to hard to be successful.

I changed my FOCUS from STRESSED to BLESSED and that’s when I started riding the Bliss train!

Are you feeling more stressed than blessed?

Change your FOCUS and you instantly change how you feel, because… FOCUS = FEELING. And how you feel is how you attract.

THAT’S RIGHT! You’re focusing on the positive.
THAT’S RIGHT! You know that life is supposed to be fun.
THAT’S RIGHT! You know that it’s feeling first, manifestation second.
THAT’S RIGHT! Your creative juices are flowing.
THAT’S RIGHT! Things are working out for you
THAT’S RIGHT! You totally got this.