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Breaking FREE of Resistance! YES!

April 18, 2012


Breaking Free of Resistance!

Everyone has resistance, even the Dalai Lama. How do I know? He’s one of my clients! J/K!

If you have resistance and I know you do, here’s what I suggest…

Stop playing the “IF, THEN” game!

IF I manifest my desire, THEN I’ll be happy!

You have to flip the equation around to read…

If I am HAPPY, then I can manifest my DESIRE!

It is always feeling first, manifestation second! If you have been watching my videos or reading my blog you KNOW I keep saying those words. Right now it’s my favorite Andy Dooley quote.

Trying to manifest stuff in order to make you FEEL complete and HAPPY is stupid! Don’t do it! You must break away from that old pattern of thinking.

Happiness and love are already inside of you!

You are already Awesome, Amazing, Fun and Fantastic.

There is nothing you have to manifest to change the way you feel. You have to change your thoughts, beliefs and expectations to change the way you feel.

ALLOWING is the KEY that unlocks the door to NIRVANA!!!

  • Allow yourself to be guided.
  • Allow yourself to have fun NOW!
  • Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the journey!

Here’s the link to my audio program that goes into much more detail on how to let go of your resistance and ALLOW your desires to come to you!

Surf’s UP!



April 5, 2012

Isn’t love sweet?

What if today your life was one BIG LOVE festival?

Get real, you’re too busy for that!

You have appointments, bills to pay and people to cut off in traffic. LOL!

WAIT A MINUTE! You can do anything. Love is a choice.

I say, CHOOSE LOVE and let the LOVE fest begin!

Now that was EASY!

Andy AKA – Dr. Love

PS – EXCITING NEWS! I am recording my new audio program, Vibration Activation™. It’s going to transform how you apply the Law of attraction into your life! It will be available June 2012.