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Your two NEW best friends!

October 27, 2008


Hello, I’d like to introduce you to WHAT & WHY! These seven characters that make up two words, when put into a question, will change your life! ReALLy!


What do I want? Why do I want it?


These two questions will…

  1. Get you focused and clear
  2. Make you feel good
  3. Clean up your vibration
  4. Increase your attraction power
  5. Immediately change what you’re attracting
  6. Stimulate your imagination and emotions
  7. Get you back into the flow
  8. Speed up the manifestation process
  9. Bring you solutions to problems


How can these two question questions be so powerful and do so much?

Great question!


The WHAT forces you to make a decsion, and it creates a target for you! The WHY increases your emotional energy behind the WHAT! The more desire and focus, the stronger the vibration, the sooner the manifestation.


In the moment that you focus and clarify what you WANT, you change your vibration! When you change your vibration, you instantly change what you’re attracting into your life, because the Law of Attraction is always responding to how you’re vibrating!


Generally speaking, the WHAT is the easy part, the WHY is the hard part. The WHY, makes you think and dig deeper. Think of it this way…


The more reasons why, the sooner you will fly!


You can quote me on that!


Now let me ask you, do you have a desire or dream that is taking way to long? Then you need to stop and ask yourself, WHY do I want this? What are the reasons? What is the feeling I’m after?


Here’s something you can do right now! I call it the vibrational tune up.

1. Take out a piece of paper or open up a word processing document. At the top of it, write down WHAT you want!

Just write one thing. For example, I want to be happy. Or I want a new car. I want a romantic relationship! Just write down one thing to focus on.


2. Then write down the reasons you want it, which is the WHY!!!

Remember that each reason WHY is a thought vibration. Each thought has magnetic attraction power, and the more reasons WHY, the more attraction power you’re creating.


The more reasons WHY, the sooner you will fly!


For example: I want a joyful, harmonious, intimate, romantic relationship with a beautiful woman. WHY?


Because I am a lover and I love loving. I love giving and sharing and being intimate. I love being playful, goofy and romantic. Because it’s fun to co-create with someone else and to develop a passionate relationship. Why? Because I grow and learn so much about myself. Because being in a relationship is an opportunity to discover more about myself and life. It’s an opportunity to love someone unconditionally, to see myself through the eyes of someone else. Because there’s no greater joy in life than giving and receiving love and making someone smile and laugh. Why? Because I love all those juicy emotions I feel!


When you write down the reasons WHY, write down the first thing that comes to mind don’t over think it and don’t force yourself to come up with what you think sounds good or right.  At first you might only come up with 2 reasons why. That’s a great start…. you can add to the list later.


When you write down the reasons WHY, write down the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t over think it and don’t force yourself to come up with what you think sounds good or right. At first, you might come up with only two reasons why. That’s a great start…. You can add to the list later.


3. Then write down the reasons you will have what you want.

This is an easy way to access your current beliefs about your ability to manifest your desire, as well as create new ones. Remember, a belief is nothing but a strongly held thought in the mind, and your thoughts create your vibration. Writing down the reasons you believe you will manifest it will help you create a stronger vibration of attraction!


Now at first, you might only have two reasons you believe. That’s okay…. You can add to the list later.

For example: I believe I am a great guy. I have a lot to offer. I am incredibly good-looking……. just kidding! I’m a lot of fun to be with. I focus on the positive aspects of whoever I am with. I am emotionally intelligent and available. I have a great sense of humor. I don’t care about football or the remote control. I can have a conversation with anybody, anywhere about anything. And I have a really big….

art collection…. my own personal art!  I am a great lover and best friend and a great dancer! I enjoy cooking and shopping. And I love writing love letters and poetry with romantic drawings of stick figures.


4. Write a short letter telling a friend about your manifestation.


Have fun writing the letter and tell a friend the story of how you manifested your desire. Then invite them to see you or experience your new manifestation. Give them all the juicy details of your manifestation and tell them how it makes you feel and how your life has now changed for the better. Share with them your gratitude and appreciation for your manifestation and how you’re now working with the Universe and the Law of Attraction.


Dear Mom,


I have met a wonderful girl. She is everything I have ever dreamed of, except for the missing front tooth. Just kidding!


The two of us together are like peas and carrots. We get along so well. It’s amazing how we intuitively understand and know each others’ needs and wants.  The foundation of our relationship is friendship and love.


You are not going to believe how we met; I’ll tell you the story next week. This is the relationship that both of us have been dreaming of, and there is so much passion and chemistry between us.  We both appreciate and love each other deeply.


And the more I focus on what’s right and what I want, the relationship just keeps getting better and better. It’s that crazy Law of Attraction working its magic!


Thanks, Mom for raising me to be the man I am today and for telling me to believe in my dreams and to visualize the girl of my dreams!


Love, Andy


P.S. We need to move into your guest bedroom for 6 months. She’s pregnant!


5. Then visualize your desire. See it, feel it, hear it, taste it and become one with it!


The fifth step is fun and easy. This is where you get to imagine your self living it, being it and doing it! I am sure you know all about how to visualize and the power of visualization, so you don’t need me to go over it here!


These five simple steps will really help you get clear and focused on what it is you want and why you want it. Then when you have beliefs backing up your desire, along with a written letter of manifestation; followed up by visualizing the end result and making it feel as if it’s already a part of your life, before you know it, you will be living the life you have imagined!


Anytime you need a quick fix and focus. Call up your two new best friends WHAT & WHY


Million Dollar Parking Spots

October 19, 2008

Have you manifested a great parking spot lately? This is something I do all the time. Just as I am driving through the parking lot a car is pulling out to give me their parking spot right up front…. it’s a beautiful thing!


I am sure you have manifest great parking spots as well. Do you acknowledge yourself as the creator of the parking spot? Do you allow yourself to feel good about your parking spot?  Or do you just think no big deal.  I got lucky!


We all know there’s no such thing as luck.  And it’s not just a coincidence that you manifested a good parking spot. Give yourself credit and start giving yourself credit over every little manifestation. Pat yourself on the back, exaggerate the excitement.  Say Yes, I manifested a parking spot, because if you allow yourself to get excited and feel the good vibrations of a parking spot then you’re changing your overall vibration of attraction and the more you do this the more of your bigger desires will start showing up in your life!


Do you wish every one of your desires was as easy as a parking spot?


Well I’ve got news for you; your wish is your command!  Every single one of your desires is as easy as a parking spot! But of course, some of us like the drama of life, and we make manifestation much more difficult. Plus we’ve been conditioned by society.


Here’s why I believe it easier to manifest a parking spot than it is let’s say a million dollars.


You probably already know the answer…. when it comes to manifesting a parking spot.  We have a much stronger belief and expectation in our ability to manifest a parking spot than we do $1 million. We believe parking spots are abundant and that they come easily. Conversely, we don’t believe that $1 million comes easy, but that’s just a belief.


Plus, we don’t make a big deal about getting a parking spot….. are whole life is not dependent upon a parking spot, where as sometimes we believe and feel that our whole life is dependent upon manifesting the money or losing the weight, finding the perfect relationship, overcoming debt or disease!


When you want to manifest a parking spot.  You don’t make a big deal about it.  You set your intention.  You create a quick mental picture and you might even say something to yourself like, yes, I always get a great parking spot. Then you forget about it.   And sometimes you don’t even think about or visualize a parking spot and you get one.  It’s automatic. You totally hand it over to the universe, and this puts you in the receiving mode and if your parking space doesn’t show up.  No big deal!!!! You don’t say what’s wrong with me. I must be paying some karmic debt.  How come everybody else is getting parking spots, and I had to park at the other end and walk. “Oh no, look I am getting a blister on my foot.  I wonder what these blisters represent, and then when I came out of the store it was raining.  I wonder what’s the meaning behind that?”


No, no, no you don’t do that, because………….. it’s just a parking spot!!!!! Because you know parking spots are abundant they come easily. But so is everything else in the world!!!! There is an abundance of money, love and laughter, there’s an abundance of million dollar ideas and wonderful people to have loving relationships with.


Abundance in all areas of your life is waiting for you!  Your parking spaces are all waiting for you! Life is a parking lot! When you can make all of your desires a parking space.  You will be the happiest person on Earth and you will manifest all of your desires easily and effortlessly.


My Manifestation Challenge to you: I want you to deliberately start manifesting more parking spaces and getting really excited about them, because this will change your vibration towards the whole manifestation process. If you get really great at manifesting parking spots and little things, then of course you’ll get great at manifesting the big things. It’s a beautiful thing!

Making the Connection!

October 19, 2008

I know this post is a little late. Better late than never.

October 1st 2008 I spoke in Melbourne Florida. I gave my favorite presentation, “How To Change Your Life Forever In 90 minutes!” I had a great time and really connected on many levels with my audience! Here are few of testimoinails I received:

“Andy is as insightful as he is funny. He uses real experiences and stories to bring his point’s home.  That approach allows the audience to identify and personalize his message.”

“Andy Dooley shares from his heart, he inspires you to get out of your own way and to let go let it happen.”

“An awesome, funny, fantastic speaker, who made me see how I can change my life forever!”

Being a professional speaker I have learned that making an emotional connection with your audience is everything!!!!

How do you make an emotional connection? The three best ways are to, share personal stories, make them laugh and be real! NO BS! Audiences are smarter now then ever before! Being sincere and speaking from your heart and sharing your expertise is the best way to emotional connect!

Every time I speak I always add or do something new. In Melbourne, I added new important points about being open minded to changing your life. Because the thinking process and beliefs that got you here today, won’t get you were you want to be tomorrow! That means that in order to change your life you have to be willing to adopt new beliefs about yourself and what you are capable of manifesting.

When you look back at your own life you can see that every breakthrough you have had is because you broke through a limiting belief. You started beleveing something different about yourself or life and then your life changed.

I stressed how important it is to realize, that your past performance does not equal your present potenial. All your power is now! To often we get stuck thinking that we are our past performance!  Not true!

Another thing I love about speaking, are the moments of spontaneity, where I say something off the cuff, that is pithy and funny!

Fortunately, I was recording myself, otherwise I would not remember exactly how I said it and as you know the right wording in comedy is very important!

TIP for speakers: Always record yourself; you never know when you’re going to say something brilliant or funny!  If you’re recording yourself you can replay it and then rewrite it into your presentation.  This is the easiest way to improve your presentation.

There’s a first time for everything! Melbourne was the first time I was selling my artwork. I had 11 x 14 Indigo prints mounted onto illustration board, which are ready for framing. When I was displaying the prints I have to say they looked great! I was impressed with the printing and my own artwork.

Has that ever happened to you?  You created something and then afterwards you step back and are impressed with yourself?  It’s a great feeling!

I love creating artwork and felt very positive and confident it would be well received. But whether or not anybody would want to invest in my art and display it in there home or office is another story.

I brought with me 37 different prints of my artwork 13 different images. I sold 15 pieces of artwork! WOW! To think right now my artwork is hanging in someones home or office or home office. Everyday they see my artwork and it makes them feel good! That makes me feel great!

My mother Sheelagh Mawe was with me and she had a great time!

She received many wonderful compliments about her books ‘DANDELION’ and ‘HOW MOM GOT A LIFE.’ She was delighted and proud to see her youngest son finally doing something with his life.
Melbourne,Florida was the first stop in my Florida speaking tour.  More locations/dates coming soon!