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Be Happy NOW!

May 25, 2010
I know that is easier said then done.
Are you happy now? Sometimes happy? Never happy?
If you want to be HAPPY NOW! Please read.
Happiness is a state of mind. If you’re really good at happiness it becomes a state of being. It’s easy with a little practice.
How does one become happy? Ah grasshopper!
I know that is too easy. Okay, let’s make it hard.
  • Meditate 2 hours a day on your head. 
  • Dissect and analyze your past.
  • Attract your soul mate now and never fight.
  • Lose 25 pounds and keep it off. 
  • Never get angry or upset.  
  • Manifest everything you want, when you want it.
  • Am I making my point? Don’t make it hard to be happy.

    Don’t have a cow!

    Okay, let’s make it easy.
    How? Change your FOCUS. Focus is power.
    If you focus on what’s wrong, you will find it everywhere and feel it. It will grow like mold on bread! Past, present or future, you’ll find it!
    If you focus on what’s right, you will find it everywhere! You will feel SO MUCH BETTER! You might even feel HAPPY! It will grow like a puppy.
    FOCUS on what’s working in your life.
    FOCUS on how far you have come.
    FOCUS on your ability to think, focus, feel and attract.
    FOCUS on someone or something you love. 
    FOCUS on puppies playing with a toy.  
    DECIDE 2 BE HAPPY NOW! If all else fails visualize a flying cow!
      Andy aka – Mr. Happy pants
    PS – For the next 2 minutes deliberately focus on something or someone that makes you feel good. If you’re really an advanced soul, dance around and celebrate what you already have. This is the way to HAPPINESS without any side effects!
    PPS – Holy Cow, you did it!

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