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Zero Resistance

February 2, 2010

Andy Dooley's Ferrari and Jennifer Aniston
This past weekend I was singing along with Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, in my gas guzzling SUV!

Don’t hate me! I am going green…. soon. I promise! As soon as Ferrari releases their fuel cell green machine! (wink, wink)

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you just might find, you get what you needdddddddddd, ah yeah!

Ever sing that song in your car?

Imagine… my Ferrari convertible top is down and my hair is blowing in the wind and my co-pilot is Jennifer Aniston! Can you see us laughing and singing along? I can:-)

Is it true, you can’t ALWAYS get what you want?

I say, “Hell to the NO! You can have it ALL my brothers and sisters!”

Can I get a WooHoo!”

You can have it all if you remember this one thing!

In life you ALWAYS get what you WANT if you remember you’re ALWAYS after the FEELING! Whatever you want right now is because of the feelings you want!

Do you have what you want in your life? If not, here’s what you might be doing wrong!!!

You might be too attached to a specific desire manifesting a certain way! ie. Specific job title, relationship with a certain person, certain type of house, car, body, specific amount of money.

Don’t get me wrong, specifics can create strong attraction power, but they can also create resistance.

Your desires in life give you something to focus on but, often times the more specific you get the more you don’t really believe it and you can get tangled up in the how’s.

You have to find a balance between being specific and general!

Remember you are always after the feeling not the manifestation.

If you want to be specific with your object of desire, then make sure when you think about and visualize the specifics, you feel good.

If being specific feels good, you’re on track, if it doesn’t feel good, be more general.

The best approach to getting what you want is to stay focused on the FEELING you want! By doing this you will be detaching from your object of desire and allowing the Universe INFINITE POSSIBILITIES! (My cool brothers book title)

Here’s how this applies to my Ferrari and Jennifer.
What I’m really after is the feeling of being with someone I am crazy about, driving a really nice car as both of us are cruising down the highway of life, singing and laughing! (It’s a metaphor)

The image of a Ferrari convertible and Jennifer Aniston is awesome and makes me feel good! But I am NOT attached to the Ferrari or Jennifer. I am after the feeling!

I am going to let the Universe figure out the best way to bring me the feelings I desire.

I am being specific but not so specific that I am creating resistance.

By using this approach I have zero resistance.

Questions for you
•What is your object of desire?
•What are the feelings you’re after?
•When you think about the specifics does it feel good or bad?
•Are you able to use your object of desire to focus your energy but remain detached from the outcome?

Answer the above questions and get yourself into zero resistance!

Andy – aka Mr. Feel Good:-)

PS – Today I was singing along with the Black Eyed Peas, “I GOT A FEELING”, and Jennifer said to say hi! I guess you know each other? Something about a past life:-)

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