1 Decision Can Change Your Life!


First, start believing in yourself, believe you are smart enough, creative enough. Believe you are worthy.

Second, activate the vision see yourself being, doing and having your desire and feeling the good vibrations of success.

Third, make a decision about what you want or which road to take. Make a DECISION and follow it with inspired action and you’ll start manifesting satisfaction!

YoU MuSt BeLieVe in YoURseLf,
Don’t PuT YOur DreAms on A SheLf.

MakE A DeCision, AcTiVate The ViSiON.
DRop the FeAR and GEt YoUr bOOty in GeAr!

17 Responses to “1 Decision Can Change Your Life!”

  1. rachna Says:

    You know what..the toughest part for me is to BELIEVE that I am WORTHY of LOVE…Though I visualize- what I want (to be loved and surrounded by family and friends and joy and fun and laughter), even take actions towards achieving it – by being the first one to give all of this…but somewhere deep down I am still not convinced that I am worthy of receiving it and as a result of it , I lose steam mid way.

    • andydooley Says:

      No problem. Just keep believing little by little and one day BOOM BAM! You will be there. It takes time. HOW LONG and WHEN? It doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying the journey. Stop trying so hard and just focus on enjoying your now and appreciating who you are now and where you are now! Don’t make being, “worthy of love” such a big deal! I would suggest keeping a journal of things you appreciate about yourself and everyday add 3 to 10 new things. review it often and HAVE MORE FUN! enjoy the journey to LOVE by appreciating life and yourself more and more! YOU CAN DO IT! Big HUGS!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    loved the video!

  3. rachna Says:

    Thanks Jennifer 😛

  4. Dr. G Says:

    I love your stuff! Thank you for always energizing my day! Keep it up:) Peace and Fun, G

  5. luvmylukie Says:

    Love you!

  6. luvmylukie Says:

    Great reminder!

  7. Mazen Alzogbi Says:

    I’m grateful for your decision to share this and the energy you share conveying the message. Thanks, Master 🙂

  8. Bea Arreola Says:

    I needed this tonight. Talked to someone who I totally trust that told me basically the same thing. Incredible how you are lead to what you need!

  9. Tracy Says:

    Andy I love your stuff. Keep it coming.

    Can’t wait to meet you in London on 17th Sept.

    See you there!

    Tracy X

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