Million Dollar Parking Spots

Have you manifested a great parking spot lately? This is something I do all the time. Just as I am driving through the parking lot a car is pulling out to give me their parking spot right up front…. it’s a beautiful thing!


I am sure you have manifest great parking spots as well. Do you acknowledge yourself as the creator of the parking spot? Do you allow yourself to feel good about your parking spot?  Or do you just think no big deal.  I got lucky!


We all know there’s no such thing as luck.  And it’s not just a coincidence that you manifested a good parking spot. Give yourself credit and start giving yourself credit over every little manifestation. Pat yourself on the back, exaggerate the excitement.  Say Yes, I manifested a parking spot, because if you allow yourself to get excited and feel the good vibrations of a parking spot then you’re changing your overall vibration of attraction and the more you do this the more of your bigger desires will start showing up in your life!


Do you wish every one of your desires was as easy as a parking spot?


Well I’ve got news for you; your wish is your command!  Every single one of your desires is as easy as a parking spot! But of course, some of us like the drama of life, and we make manifestation much more difficult. Plus we’ve been conditioned by society.


Here’s why I believe it easier to manifest a parking spot than it is let’s say a million dollars.


You probably already know the answer…. when it comes to manifesting a parking spot.  We have a much stronger belief and expectation in our ability to manifest a parking spot than we do $1 million. We believe parking spots are abundant and that they come easily. Conversely, we don’t believe that $1 million comes easy, but that’s just a belief.


Plus, we don’t make a big deal about getting a parking spot….. are whole life is not dependent upon a parking spot, where as sometimes we believe and feel that our whole life is dependent upon manifesting the money or losing the weight, finding the perfect relationship, overcoming debt or disease!


When you want to manifest a parking spot.  You don’t make a big deal about it.  You set your intention.  You create a quick mental picture and you might even say something to yourself like, yes, I always get a great parking spot. Then you forget about it.   And sometimes you don’t even think about or visualize a parking spot and you get one.  It’s automatic. You totally hand it over to the universe, and this puts you in the receiving mode and if your parking space doesn’t show up.  No big deal!!!! You don’t say what’s wrong with me. I must be paying some karmic debt.  How come everybody else is getting parking spots, and I had to park at the other end and walk. “Oh no, look I am getting a blister on my foot.  I wonder what these blisters represent, and then when I came out of the store it was raining.  I wonder what’s the meaning behind that?”


No, no, no you don’t do that, because………….. it’s just a parking spot!!!!! Because you know parking spots are abundant they come easily. But so is everything else in the world!!!! There is an abundance of money, love and laughter, there’s an abundance of million dollar ideas and wonderful people to have loving relationships with.


Abundance in all areas of your life is waiting for you!  Your parking spaces are all waiting for you! Life is a parking lot! When you can make all of your desires a parking space.  You will be the happiest person on Earth and you will manifest all of your desires easily and effortlessly.


My Manifestation Challenge to you: I want you to deliberately start manifesting more parking spaces and getting really excited about them, because this will change your vibration towards the whole manifestation process. If you get really great at manifesting parking spots and little things, then of course you’ll get great at manifesting the big things. It’s a beautiful thing!

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6 Responses to “Million Dollar Parking Spots”

  1. Fiona Purdy Says:

    WOW – this post is life altering!


  2. Jane Goody Says:

    The style of writing is very familiar . Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

  3. Is your BIG dream taking too long? « Andydooley’s Weblog Says:

    […] for you! Because I truly believe manifesting your BIG dream is easy!!! As easy as a parking spot! See my previous blog! Oh! And it’s not because of a past life, or a scared contract or because you were not loved or […]

  4. Carol J. Says:

    Hi there. I love your messages, and your art.

    It’s funny you should write about parking spots….when my sister-in-law and I go anywhere together, she absolutely knows that she will get the perfect parking spot–and she does! When I go somewhere alone, I absolutely know I will NOT get the perfect spot–and I don’t.

    Can it be any simpler? Then why is my first thought always…”I can’t…”? Talk about conditioning!

  5. John Fitzgerald Vargas Says:

    This post, coupled with today’s email broadcast:

    “When your BIG dream seems so far away, …!”

    …may be labeled as The Holy Grail only IF it is implemented
    accordingly and correctly per your simple and scientific instructions.

    Yet, another, of many, STELLAR Message from Brother Andy!

    Thank YOU so much, Bro!

    PS: Greetings to the Family and Team

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