Is your BIG dream taking too long?

BIG dream

Do you want to know why your BIG dream is taking sooooo long to manifest?

Well for $1,950 I’ll tell you! Just kidding!

Here are some possible mistakes you could be making:

1. You’re trying too hard. (creating resistance)
2. You’re taking the wrong type of action.
3. You’ve made the dream more important than it is.
4. You’re not paying attention to how you really feel.
5. You’re not trusting the Universe.
6. You don’t believe you’re worthy.
7. You’re still playing the blame game.
8. All of the above.

Each of the above could be discussed further; however I am not going to do that. I want to simplify it for you! Because I truly believe manifesting your BIG dream is easy!!! As easy as a parking spot! See my previous blog!

Oh! And it’s not because of a past life, or a sacred contract or because you were not loved or abused as a child!!!!

Here’s a common scenario. You do everything you can possibly think of to make your dream come true and you have nothing to really show for it! Then your dream gets so big in your head and you feel so small that anything you do seems ridiculous.

It’s like trying to put out a forest fire with a glass of water. Like trying to build a sand castle with a hammer!

When you have everything riding on this dream, it feels like it must come true and it’s really, really, really important to you, that’s when you can cross the line.

What line?

The line that separates belief and doubt.

When you cross the line and start dancing with doubt you start creating resistance!!!!!!!!!!!

Then you try harder, hold on tighter, and you’re creating more resistance.

You are now vibrating doubt, fear and uncertainty. Not happiness, gratitude and appreciation.

Can you relate to having a super BIG dream that is taking way to long!!!!!!!????

Of course you can. Stop and ask yourself what is it you’re really after?

You’re after the feeling not the dream. The dream gives you a target to focus your creative energy and something to move towards!!!! Your dream allows you to discover who you really are and become the magnificent creator that you’re supposed to be!

This is where detachment from your BIG dream is vital to the manifestation. You must allow the Universe to deliver the feeling you’re after the best way possible. Which means the Universe might deliver your dream in a different package. Keep your eyes open and be flexible!

You have to cross back over the line into believing. But let’s go beyond believing into KNOWING!!!!

Knowing is much more powerful vibration than believing! Notice how much more confident you feel, when you know it is going to happen rather than believing or hoping. When you create the feeling (vibration) of knowing within your body, you become relaxed. You feel confident and happy!

Let me ask you, right now, when you think about your BIG dream do you feel confident and happy, relaxed and excited? If not, then you need to work on knowing it and feeling it! And as often as you can create the feeling of happiness, gratitude and appreciation in your body!!! This puts you in the receiving vibration!!!!

Know your big dream is on the way and relax. Know it and chill out. Know it and start having fun today!!!! You have to feel the vibration that it’s already done, give thanks, boogie down, celebrate and
have fun!

Know it. Live it. Allow it!

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10 Responses to “Is your BIG dream taking too long?”

  1. Frank Butterfield Says:

    Andy –

    This is wonderful! Thanks for cutting to the chase and being so clear. A powerful reminder of what is important:

    “You have to feel the vibration that it’s already done, give thanks, boogie down, celebrate and have fun!”

    Woo Hoo! I’m there!!


  2. CaseyE Says:

    Fab advice Andy…Thanks : )

  3. John Valines Says:

    Dude! Andy this is exactly what I needed. I think I’m one of those that tries too hard. After reading, I’m going to go find my Boogie Shoes and get back to feeling the gratitude. I’ll start with you… thank you.

    John V

  4. Sue Says:

    So this morning I focused on keeping focused (I’m in the middle of starting a new business and being scattered brained ie: ADD just seems to keep getting in my way..) And lo and behold I open my email and see today’s Andy Dooley ART … and there in black and white before me is my answer why I’m having such a hard time staying focused…. Thanks bunches Andy… I’ve “found the paint jar”!

    ~have a peaceful, pleasant, positive & prosperous week~!~!~
    ~Sue (o:

  5. Cynthia Andresen Says:

    Thank You Andy,
    What a beautiful human being you are and I never even met you…maybe some day…Thank you for all your encouragement…Today is a freezing gloomy, snow flurry gray day and you just popped the sun right through the clouds for me. (Even though it is in my imagination, I FEEL the warmth) I loved your holes in the wall inspirational story…Thank you again.
    Warm Fuzzies & Be Well,

  6. barbara hunt Says:

    When I click on the videos, I get a message that says” this video contains content from WMG who has decided to block it from your country”

    What does that mean? How do I watch your videos? Thanks for your help.

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