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Money Is My Bitch!

January 9, 2014

Hey Gorgeous,
This video is about how you can change your attitude towards money. This video was inspired by this Abraham Hicks quote.

“There is no better way to earn money than to do the things that you love to do. Money can flow into your experience through endless avenues. It is not the choice of the craft that limits the money that flows—but only your attitude toward money.”
–Abraham Hicks

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Reality… is my bitch!

February 2, 2012

WAIT! Before you unsubscribe or get offended please read below.

This statement is purposely designed to shock you!

Most of us walk around in a trance, forgetting that we CREATE the reality we are experiencing day by day. This happens to even advanced souls like YOU!

I want to shock you back into your power! Wake UP!

Most of us let reality bitch slap us around. LOL!  We get caught up in the illusion of life thinking we are at the mercy of a reality that is thrust upon us, forgetting that we are the ones creating our REALITY!

You are a divine, sublime, cosmic conscious creator. You are the master magician. Life is a book and you’re the author. Unfortunately, most of us are acting like semi colons.

NOT ANY MORE! Today is your day to take back your power! Say it with me….

Reality is my bitch! LOL!

Doesn’t that feel good? Can I get a Namaste!

If you could change anything about your life what would you change?

Guess what? You can change it right now because REALITY will do whatever you want it to do. Reality is your creation, including your body!

Focus on what you want and visualize the end result as if it was already done. Watch my video below, it’s all about imagination and visualization. And it’s Totally Bitchin’.

Spontaneously yours,


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Here’s the video! ENJOY

Time 4 U 2 Thrive!

February 2, 2012

IF You CaN reaD this you’re ALiVE,
The TiME is NOW 4 U 2 THRIVE.

Be the Miracle and TeLL the StORY,
And YouR LiFE wiLL become A BLaZe of GLoRY!

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Spontaneously yours,


Change Your Life

January 24, 2012

Are YoU ready 2 CHANGE your LiFE?
LeT GO of the Struggle and Strife.
3 simple STEPS follow,
That Will get You INTO the Cosmic FLoW!

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1 Cup of Self Love

January 11, 2012

DriNK dAily from yoUR Cup of SeLf LoVE,
You’ll 4get yoUR WoRRieS and RiSe AboVE.

LoVe and ApPreCiATiON Are the ULtimATE deStiNATiON,
It’S tiME 2 AcTivaTE that VibRATioN!

Yesterday, I stopped in the middle of my busy day and gave myself a message! duh! I mean a massage! It was totally titanium dude!

Wait, I did not give myself a massage, a professional gave me a massage.

I was at Wholefoods shopping and getting lunch. Suddenly I received a message! It hit me, SMACK!

“I have yet to drink from the cup of self love today”.

I had a “Quick Retreat” (massage) and I instantly forgot my worries and was filled with love of self from head to toe, I was in the flow.

Have you taken a drink of self love today? What’s one simple thing you could do right now to FEEL your own love?



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Would you like a little Love & Romance?

December 29, 2011

It’s 2 days away from 2012! Yipeee, WooHoo! What’s wrong? You say you have no one to love! Have NO Fear, Vibration Visualization man is here!

How about creating some love and romance for yourself in the new year? It’s EASY to do! Just close your eyes and listen to my guided visualization!

Feel the 2012 CoSmiC EnergY REveLaTioN,
YoUR LoVE will B Your OWN SaLVatioN.

SweET and True, LoVE is Waiting 4 You,
I PrOmise yoUR LoVE is NOT in TimBuktu!


Andy AKA- Dr. LOVE

PS – There are no images in this video, WHY? I want you to close your eyes and use your imagination and activate the love vibration!


Here’s a juicy guided visualization, enjoy:-)

December 11, 2011

I love making these guided visualization videos. I use Garage band on my MacBook Pro. It’s so much fun to find the right piece of music to go with the different parts of the visualization. WooHoo!

This is a new way for me to help you visualize your desires. Focusing your imagination and feeling the positive vibration of your success and happiness. The FEELING is most important when it comes to manifesting your desires.


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5 Minute Guided Visualization to Success & Happiness! Enjoy:-)

December 1, 2011

It only takes 5 minutes to radically shift your vibration and activate a new vibration of attraction!

When was the last time you visualized your success and happiness? Do it NOW and feel the WOW!

Andy  AKA – Mr. Visualization

PS – There are no images in this video, WHY? I want you to close your eyes and use your imagination!

Here’s a guided visualization 4 you!

November 24, 2011

APPreciation IS the maGic KeY,
Let it FiLL YouR Heart and Set U Free.
Feeling APPreciATioN is how U wAnt 2 B,
HeaVEn is on EaRth Can’t U SEE?

Are Your Big Dreams Killing You?

October 7, 2011


APPRECIATION: You must learn to appreciate your unfulfilled dreams and desires. This video has more info, music and dancing!!!

ALIGNMENT: You must align yourself with the feeling of your dream as if it has already happened! It’s FEELING FIRST, MANIFESTATION SECOND!

ALLOWING: You must learn to allow your dreams to come true and stop trying to MAKE your dreams come true. Watch me rock out in this epic video!

DoN’t Let AnoTher DreAm BiTe the DuST,
It’s TiMe 2 Let Go of tHe STruggLE and TruST.

YoU’Ve Got to cHAnge Your ParAdigm, ReAdjuSt.
It’s Time 2 BLAZe New TrAiLs, and ReMoVe the RuST.