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FREE 30 day trial!

August 28, 2013

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Break FREE of procrastination tomorrow – Funny!

February 23, 2012

It’s NeVer 2 Late,
To CHoosE LoVE oVER Hate.
It’s NeVEr 2 LATE,
To StoP goING in Circles and GO straight.
It’S NEver 2 LaTE,
To Tell a NEW story and FEEL the GLORY.
IT’S neVER 2 LaTE,
To StarT LiViNG the Life of yoUR DreAMS,
RemeMBER, Life iS Not WHAT it SeeMS.



Be Happy NOW!

May 25, 2010
I know that is easier said then done.
Are you happy now? Sometimes happy? Never happy?
If you want to be HAPPY NOW! Please read.
Happiness is a state of mind. If you’re really good at happiness it becomes a state of being. It’s easy with a little practice.
How does one become happy? Ah grasshopper!
I know that is too easy. Okay, let’s make it hard.
  • Meditate 2 hours a day on your head. 
  • Dissect and analyze your past.
  • Attract your soul mate now and never fight.
  • Lose 25 pounds and keep it off. 
  • Never get angry or upset.  
  • Manifest everything you want, when you want it.
  • Am I making my point? Don’t make it hard to be happy.

    Don’t have a cow!

    Okay, let’s make it easy.
    How? Change your FOCUS. Focus is power.
    If you focus on what’s wrong, you will find it everywhere and feel it. It will grow like mold on bread! Past, present or future, you’ll find it!
    If you focus on what’s right, you will find it everywhere! You will feel SO MUCH BETTER! You might even feel HAPPY! It will grow like a puppy.
    FOCUS on what’s working in your life.
    FOCUS on how far you have come.
    FOCUS on your ability to think, focus, feel and attract.
    FOCUS on someone or something you love. 
    FOCUS on puppies playing with a toy.  
    DECIDE 2 BE HAPPY NOW! If all else fails visualize a flying cow!
      Andy aka – Mr. Happy pants
    PS – For the next 2 minutes deliberately focus on something or someone that makes you feel good. If you’re really an advanced soul, dance around and celebrate what you already have. This is the way to HAPPINESS without any side effects!
    PPS – Holy Cow, you did it!

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    Zero Resistance

    February 2, 2010

    Andy Dooley's Ferrari and Jennifer Aniston
    This past weekend I was singing along with Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, in my gas guzzling SUV!

    Don’t hate me! I am going green…. soon. I promise! As soon as Ferrari releases their fuel cell green machine! (wink, wink)

    “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometime you just might find, you get what you needdddddddddd, ah yeah!

    Ever sing that song in your car?

    Imagine… my Ferrari convertible top is down and my hair is blowing in the wind and my co-pilot is Jennifer Aniston! Can you see us laughing and singing along? I can:-)

    Is it true, you can’t ALWAYS get what you want?

    I say, “Hell to the NO! You can have it ALL my brothers and sisters!”

    Can I get a WooHoo!”

    You can have it all if you remember this one thing!

    In life you ALWAYS get what you WANT if you remember you’re ALWAYS after the FEELING! Whatever you want right now is because of the feelings you want!

    Do you have what you want in your life? If not, here’s what you might be doing wrong!!!

    You might be too attached to a specific desire manifesting a certain way! ie. Specific job title, relationship with a certain person, certain type of house, car, body, specific amount of money.

    Don’t get me wrong, specifics can create strong attraction power, but they can also create resistance.

    Your desires in life give you something to focus on but, often times the more specific you get the more you don’t really believe it and you can get tangled up in the how’s.

    You have to find a balance between being specific and general!

    Remember you are always after the feeling not the manifestation.

    If you want to be specific with your object of desire, then make sure when you think about and visualize the specifics, you feel good.

    If being specific feels good, you’re on track, if it doesn’t feel good, be more general.

    The best approach to getting what you want is to stay focused on the FEELING you want! By doing this you will be detaching from your object of desire and allowing the Universe INFINITE POSSIBILITIES! (My cool brothers book title)

    Here’s how this applies to my Ferrari and Jennifer.
    What I’m really after is the feeling of being with someone I am crazy about, driving a really nice car as both of us are cruising down the highway of life, singing and laughing! (It’s a metaphor)

    The image of a Ferrari convertible and Jennifer Aniston is awesome and makes me feel good! But I am NOT attached to the Ferrari or Jennifer. I am after the feeling!

    I am going to let the Universe figure out the best way to bring me the feelings I desire.

    I am being specific but not so specific that I am creating resistance.

    By using this approach I have zero resistance.

    Questions for you
    •What is your object of desire?
    •What are the feelings you’re after?
    •When you think about the specifics does it feel good or bad?
    •Are you able to use your object of desire to focus your energy but remain detached from the outcome?

    Answer the above questions and get yourself into zero resistance!

    Andy – aka Mr. Feel Good:-)

    PS – Today I was singing along with the Black Eyed Peas, “I GOT A FEELING”, and Jennifer said to say hi! I guess you know each other? Something about a past life:-)

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    The Blueberry Muffin Challenge

    November 10, 2009


    Alright, I’ve got a challenge for you butterfly fancy pants.

    You passed the butterfly challenge with flying colors, no pun intended!

    I don’t know about you, but when I manifested my butterfly I got really excited. Then I SORT of blew it off as no big deal… Just got lucky… But I know better. I did stop and celebrate my AWESOME POWERS OF MANIFESTATION.

    I loved the butterfly stories you emailed me, thanks again!!!

    After manifesting 5 different butterflies in my underpants, just kidding, I wanted to challenge myself and manifest something that doesn’t fly and is NOT a part of my day to day life.

    The light bulb went on (ding) and BLUEBERRY MUFFINS danced through my head. And no I was not tripping.

    A Blueberry muffin is something that I don’t ever buy or eat. Even though I think they are yummy, the sugar is too much for me.

    I visualized the muffin in front of me, feeling the excitement of
    manifesting a blueberry muffin. I said, Thank you, and did the
    blueberry muffin dance!!!

    Then I forgot about it for 2 days, and realized I needed a daily
    reminder. WHY? Because I really didn’t have a strong desire to
    manifest a blueberry muffin. I was just having fun flexing my
    manifesting muscles.

    I wrote down on a piece of yellow paper (see photo below)

    I put it on my bathroom mirror, every time I saw that piece of
    paper, I felt the excitement of manifesting a blueberry muffin
    and said, “YES, thank you,” and then did the blueberry muffin
    dance for 10 seconds. Then I forgot about it completely.

    2 weeks go by…… NO blueberry muffin!!!! No big deal, I am already feeling as if I have manifested it!

    2 days later, I was cleaning up my bathroom because a best friend of mine, Shannon, is going to be visiting me for a few
    days. I saw my blueberry note and crumbled it up and threw
    it away, thinking, “Oh well, I know it will show up sooner or later.”

    Shannon arrives, Yea, and there’s now a mysterious bright pink
    box in my kitchen???? Okay, don’t get ahead of me now.

    Shannon knows I don’t eat sweets.

    SIDE NOTE: Years ago, Shannon and her best friend tore apart
    my kitchen/pantry looking for some cookies or treats to eat and
    found nothing!!! They are now convinced I am not human.

    Okay, occasionally I’ll have my Mom’s pumpkin pie. Oh wait, I do
    eat a chocolate chip Clif bar every day. See, I am human!

    Shannon and I are talking in the kitchen. I say, “What’s up with
    the pink box?” With her southern accent, she says, “Oh nothin’.
    Just some pastries and stuff. I know you don’t eat sweets, but
    I brought them anyway, just in case your roommates wanted
    them or somethin’!”

    I open the box and see 2 odd shaped pastry thing-a-ma jigs,
    3 donuts and 2 muffins, one is raisin the other is BLUEBERRY!!!!!

    It’s a BLUEBERRY MUFFIN!!!! Just like I had visualized!

    I tell Shannon my story and she can’t believe it, because
    intellectually she thought, Don’t bring the box. But emotionally
    she felt, Bring the box. She acted on the feeling, and trusted
    her emotional guidance!!!
    Yea for Shannon!

    I ran to my bathroom and pulled the piece of paper out of
    the garbage and Shannon took the photo! See below.


    I want you to manifest a BLUEBERRY MUFFIN! Now if a blueberry
    muffin is a common manifestation in your life, like maybe you
    already had one for breakfast? Then its too easy, NO Blueberry
    muffin challenge for you!

    I want you to manifest a Cactus!!! Yes, a cactus like you find
    in a desert with a coyote howling at the moon! A small cactus
    in a little pot would be perfect to visualize.

    Write down on a piece of paper I want a Blueberry muffin or
    a cactus! THANK YOU!!! See photo below.

    Post it on your bathroom mirror. Visualize the end result. Feel the excitement! And do the Blueberry muffin or cactus dance!
    Do it every day. Have fun! Please email me your stories.

    Deliciously yours,


    aka Mr. Blueberry Fancy Pants

    Builds your confidence up for your bigger desires.
    Because manifesting is supposed to be FUN!!!
    It will make you gorgeous and sexy. (Forgot you already are.)
    Creates a stronger overall vibration of attraction within you.
    Powerful reminder of how easy it is to manifest.
    Children in 3rd world countries are counting on you.
    Larry King and Oprah will want to interview you and hear your Blueberry Muffin Story!


    My Top Secret Formula!

    June 11, 2009


    You’ve been taught that it must be hard,
    Well that is just a bunch of lard.

    Remember, it’s the Universe’s job to figure out how,
    Your job is to ask, give thanks and be happy now!

    I AM GUILTY of making my life harder then it is! Are you guilty too? Say yes, I don’t want to be alone!!!

    I say enough of making life & manifesting harder then it needs to be!!!!

    Below is my NEW formula, actually I have been using it for a long time! I have now decided to share this top secret formula with you, my beloved reader!!!!

    This formula works every time, I am living proof. I dare you to start using it… double dare ya!!!!

    1. Ask for what you want! ASK! When you ask for something the Universe hears your request and gives it to you! The reason you don’t receive it immediately is because you don’t believe you can have it that easily. Plus, there is a built in time lag because life would be scary if everything you asked for was instant.

    2. Say THANK YOU!!!! Start saying thank you even before you receive your desire. Say thank you every day through out the day! Just say thank you, thank you, thank you! Why? I’ll explain in a minute.

    3. Be HAPPY NOW!!!! Why is this so hard? Because when we were kids we were not happy until we got what we wanted. We had to show our parents how sad or disappointed we were until we got what we wanted! Showing the Universe how sad and disappointed you are does NOT work!!!!!!

    Let me tell you a story
    Once upon a time…. I was flying to South Carolina. When I booked online I tried to get a first class seat but it was sold out! Bummer dude!

    STEP 1 I ASKED for first class! I asked the airline and the Universe!

    STEP 2 I started saying THANK YOU!!! Even though first class was sold out! THANK YOU and I felt gratitude and appreciation!!!

    STEP 3 I started being HAPPY before I had my seat in first class! Crazy I know!!!!

    Right now imagine yourself being happy without your desire!!!!!!!! Can you do it?

    I have learned not to wait on the outside world to give me my desire before I allow myself to BE HAPPY!

    When I arrived at the gate, I checked for first class seating, nothing! NO seats! Bummer dude! However, I did not let this bother me even though I needed the extra leg room and space to continue writing my book on my big 17 inch laptop!

    Even though I had no seat in first class, I was happy and saying THANK YOU! Then I forgot about it and was busy writing my book and creating art!

    I am now boarding the plane and the flight attendant says, “Mr. Dooley there’s a seat available and we’d like to upgrade you to first class!!!!!!!!!!”

    Amen!!! Sing it with me AMEN, AMEN, woo-hooooooooo!

    Why is saying thank you so important!!!!
    Because it shifts your vibration and makes you feel good! Remember how you feel is how you attract! Saying thank you puts you into the receiving vibration of your desire!

    Being happy now also puts you into the receiving vibration, plus you look so much better with that big smile on your face!

    Now it’s your turn
    What is something you’ve been asking for??? Now say thank you as if it was already in your life! Visualize it as part of your life. Now smile really big and be happy! Be as happy as you can be!!! And really feel the gratitude and appreciation!!!!

    You might be thinking, this is WAY too easy, so easy you don’t try it!
    Do it for the next 72 hours and watch what happens!

    I double dare ya!!!!

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    The 3 F’s for Visualizing Your Desires!

    April 28, 2009

    1. Do it for FUN
    2. FEEL good when you do it
    3. FORGET about it

    It’s FUN creating your own reality! Don’t visualize to make it happen, visualize for the FUN of it! Let the Universe make it happen! Your part is to have FUN!

    Feeling good during the visualization is very important! WHY? Because how you feel is how you attract!

    When you visualize your desire you are shifting your vibration and you’re sending a clear signal to the Universe that says, “this is how I want to feel!”

    The more positive emotion you feel the quicker all of
    your desires will manifest.

    Forget about your desire! What? Yes, let go of your attachment! Remember you’re after the feeling not the manifestation. Your desire is just your excuse to FOCUS your brilliant, creative, sexy cranium. What you really want is the feeling… you love machine!

    Let the Universe figure out the best way to give you the feeling you’re after. It might be your desire, it might not be. Focus on the feeling!

    Your part is to have FUN, FEEL the good vibrations and
    then FORGET about it!



    PS – Don’t take any ACTION after you visualize, sit on your couch
    and watch Jerry Springer! Just Kidding!

    PPS – If you have been visualizing for years
    and have NOT been able to manifest crap click here!

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    April 14, 2009
    Andy Dooley ART

    Are you ready to Rock-n-Roll and take back control?

    Hell, yes! Let’s do this!

    In the next three minutes you are going to learn a powerful technique for telling your new story and transforming your life!

    It’s easy, fun and fat free!

    Why story telling?

    As a professional speaker my most powerful tool in creating a change with someone or influencing them is, storytelling. Have you noticed that all the best speakers in the world are great story tellers?

    Did you know that when you’re listening to a story you go into a trance? Did you know that change happens when you least expect it? Did you know that change happens when you are in a trance?

    Story telling works both ways. Stories that other people tell you and the stories that you tell yourself!

    One of the best ways I have found for changing myself is by telling a new story of how I want my life to be and who I want to become.

    The number one reason why most people fail at telling a new story is because when they start telling the new story, it’s too far fetched, it’s not believable, therefore it’s not achievable.

    Here’s how it works. When you start telling yourself a new story of how your life is amazing. How you’re feeling healthy and happy, your intimate relationship is filled with passion, joy and harmony and you now have millions of dollars! You don’t believe it for two seconds and you fall back into your old pattern of limiting thoughts and beliefs.

    This is why people fail to change their life by telling a new story and end up spending thousands of dollars on seminars, audio programs and Chunky Monkey!

    I have quite a few tools that I will be giving you in the coming months that will absolutely show you how to tell a new story and change your life! Today, I am going to start with two simple words that will bridge that gap between your current story and your new story.

    Here’s an example. A friend of mine, Tim, who drives a tow truck and is a full time mechanic tells his story like this.

    Life is hard; there are not enough hours in the day. I don’t have the energy I used too. I am always tired. I can’t drink enough caffeine. I wake up tired!

    I spoke to Tim about changing his story and he agreed to give it a try!

    His new story goes like this! I am energized. I can easily go through the day without caffeine. I feel great! I am getting more done then ever before! Life is easy!

    Now Tim doesn’t believe the new story for one second. Tim feels like a big fat liar!

    I agree his new story is too far fetched. It’s not believable. Therefore he doesn’t believe it’s achievable.

    This is where the two words can bridge the gap and make his new story believable. The two words are: beginning and becoming!

    Here’s what Tim’s new story sounds like.

    • I am beginning to have more energy.
    • I am beginning to appreciate my body.
    • I am beginning to feel better about myself.
    • I am beginning to think more positive thoughts about my body.
    • I am becoming stronger.
    • I am becoming healthier.
    • I am beginning to let go of the past.
    • I am becoming more energized and focused.
    • I am beginning to know the power of my thoughts.
    • I am beginning to tell a better story.
    • I am becoming more aware of my thoughts and story.
    • I am beginning to need less caffeine.
    • I am beginning to feel good when I wake up.
    • I am beginning to get more done each day.
    • I am becoming more organized.
    • I am beginning to feel good again.
    • I am becoming more confident.
    • I am beginning to look and feel better.

    Do you see how by using these two words you can make your new story believable and achievable?

    How does telling a new story work? Every time you tell the new story your belief in the new story becomes stronger. Your imagination automatically starts creating a clearer picture of the desired end result, as well as images of you in the process of living the new story!

    Every time you tell the new story you’re feeling better about yourself and life in general. All of this combined creates your vibration of attraction and how you vibrate (feel) is how you attract everything into your life!

    When you start telling the new story you are thinking new thoughts and creating a new vibration. Because of this you will receive impulses and hunches from your inner guidance to take action towards living the new story. Be sure to take the action and follow the impulses that feel good!

    Lets do it! What area of your life right now is giving you the most trouble? Take out a piece of paper and write down the new story using the two words beginning and becoming, put this on your bathroom mirror or vision board! Then start telling your self the new story as often as possible and be sure to FEEL good about the new story as you speak it!

    Your life is the story you tell! Begin telling a great story and you’ll live happily ever after!

    Know it. Live it. See it. Tell it. Feel it. Allow it!

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    Take Inspired Action With A HOT Iron & Dance Naked!

    March 30, 2009

    Katie, who is 7 years old, saw her mommy ironing her blouse to get the wrinkles out! Katie loves pretending to be Mommy.

    Later that day when Mommy went to work, Katie pulled out the iron and tried ironing her wrinkled blouse and nothing happened? Katie did not understand why the iron did not work for her?

    Mom had turned on the child proof switch. No matter what buttons or knobs Katie turned the iron was ice cold. No matter how much action Katie took toward ironing her blouse the wrinkles were still there.

    Are you like Katie?

    I know many times throughout my life I would take action and strike with a cold iron and wonder why I was not manifesting my desires.

    What does this mean?

    Most people have a desire or dream and then take action toward that dream. But taking action with a cold iron is useless. You think you’re making progress but you’re not!

    You need to strike when the iron is hot. Any action you take with a cold iron is only going to create frustration.

    This is obviously a metaphor for the manifestation process using the Law of Attraction.

    How do you get your iron hot before you take action? You have to plug yourself into source energy.

    • Talk about your desire.

    • Visualize the end result.

    • Dance naked around your house.

    • Journal about your desire and how cool it is to now be living it!

    • Start telling the new story to your best friend.

    • Do anything to create the feeling that your desire is already a part of your life!

    Once you’re vibrating with your desire, your iron is hot! Now you want to take action.

    What action do you take?

    • Take inspired action that feels good!

    • Follow your impulse and hunches.

    • Dance naked at a friend’s house!

    • Take action that comes from within.

    Now it’s your turn to plug yourself into source energy and fire up your iron and smooth out those wrinkles of resistance.

    Right now take 2 minutes and either visualize the end result or open a word document and start typing the new story about how you are already living your desire!!!

    PS – You can always dance naked at my house!

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    2 Words 4 Creating More Prosperity In Your Life Right Now!

    March 24, 2009

    Neil Diamond wrote a song about it!

    Dr. Seuss wrote a story about it!

    Neale Donald Walsh had a conversation with God about it!

    I think it’s about time you woke up and started to talk about it!

    What is it?

    Two simple words that can transform your life!

    Okay, it’s not fair to tell you to wake up. If you’re reading this you are awake. But are you conscious? Really conscious?

    After reading this short blog. You will FEEL great, be wide awake and immediately start attracting more opportunities and prosperity into your life! Sound Good?

    Depending on what you say after these two words you can immediately change what you’re attracting into your life!


    I AM.

    When you say the words I AM.  You are making one of the most powerful statements you can make. It will define who you are in the moment and who you’re becoming. Speaking the words I AM sets the universe into motion.

    I AM statements are a powerful way to focus your energy and shift your vibration.

    When you make I AM statements, you are putting the Law of Attraction into action. You are, in essence, creating a new story about who you are! The more you make I AM statements with emotion, the stronger your vibration becomes and the more attraction power will be created.  And before you know it, prosperity is flowing into your life!

    Below are a list of I AM statements designed to shift your overall prosperity vibration of attraction. Read all of them and most importantly, feel the vibration of each one in your body.

    I AM on a roll. I AM feeling good. I AM confident. I AM easy-going. I AM optimistic.  I AM cheerful.  I AM clear.  I AM excited. I AM going with the flow. I AM focused. I AM creative.

    I AM Awesome, Amazing, Fun and Fantastic!

    I AM always in the right place at the right time.

    I AM attracting wonderful opportunities into my life.

    I AM beginning to experience the flow of prosperity!

    I AM becoming more prosperous in all areas of my life.

    I AM energized and buzzing with good vibes.

    I AM beginning to feel good all the time.

    I AM healthy, wealthy and wise.

    I AM beginning to follow my bliss.

    I AM getting good at letting go and letting it happen.

    I AM smart.  I AM successful. I AM sexy.

    I AM attracting to me, all of my desires.

    I AM feeling better and better every day.

    I AM living with passion and purpose.

    I AM enjoying the journey.

    I AM vibrating with success and happiness.

    I AM a money magnet.

    I AM enjoying new streams of prosperity.

    I AM beginning to dance with abundance.

    I AM finding money everywhere I go!

    I AM beginning to see more opportunities!

    I AM feeling more and more prosperous!

    I AM attracting more prosperity into my life.

    I AM prosperous. I AM abundant. I AM wealthy.


    I AM PROSPEROUS! Woohoo! Boom, Chic-A-BOOM!

    Now please send a donation to

    PS – After writing this blog I took a walk around my neighborhood and found a one dollar bill! When I came back home there was a product order waiting for me in my inbox and I sold 3 more tickets to this weekends event in Jacksonville! Woohoo!

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