Change Your Vibration or Pay the Price!

I am sure by now you know that every time you desire anything,

i.e. a new job, car, house, lover or a chia pet; you of course have to pay the price! 


You have to work hard, get a degree, pay your dues, and sweep the floors. Damn it! There are no FREE lunches!


How did the above statement make you feel?


Do you agree or disagree?


If you agree, then you do NOT understand the power of your vibration. If you disagree, then you may understand your power, but are you using it to your advantage?


There’s no right or wrong answer, only experiences that lead to new understandings of who you are and how you create the life you’re living!


Everything you’re experiencing in your life is because of the vibration you are sending out to the Universe.


Today you can hear everybody talking about good vibes and bad vibes.


We now have vibrating cell phones, BlackBerrys and toilet seats. At least I do! You can order yours here: just kidding!

Your vibration of attraction is the result of your personal beliefs. 


Q. Where do your beliefs come from?

A. Your thoughts!


Q. Where do your thoughts come from?

A. Satan, just kidding!


They come from what you are experiencing, remembering or imagining.


When it comes to manifesting your desires, you can either change your vibration or you can pay the price!  Both approaches work and even a combination of the two work.


Ultimately you MUST change the way you vibrate (feel) to manifest the life you want to live.


Hard work, long hours, and paying your dues will absolutely change how you vibrate; and depending on your attitude you will start attracting positively or negatively. Working hard is great if you enjoy the work!


I want to encourage you to start every journey of desire by changing your vibration first!




Ask yourself these 3 questions!


1. What would I feel?

2. What would I see?  

3. What would I hear?


What would I feel? If my desire was already a part of my life? What specific emotions would I be feeling right now today?


What would I see? Who would be with me? Where would I/we be?  What colors, how big or small, hot or cold! What would I be seeing?


What would I hear? Who would compliment you? Who would gasp with shock and delight? What would I hear myself say to me?


Start every journey of desire by changing your vibration; get the feeling/vibration in your body, then begin your journey of desire!


Visualization and journaling are powerful ways to change your vibration so you don’t have to pay the price! Right now take a moment to either visualize your desire or journal about your desire as if you were already living it!


Do this right now for the next 2 minutes!  ENJOY!


4 Responses to “Change Your Vibration or Pay the Price!”

  1. Denise Scarbro Says:

    Wonderful exercise. Simple and staightforward. Thanks!

  2. Karen Says:

    Amen, bro! You said it so well – even the Satan part. LOL.

  3. 52 Faces Says:

    Dude, I immediately centered and closed my eyes and started a-vibin’ as soon as I read those questions. I answered each one and I saw it, I really did. But beyond that – I _felt_ it. It got my vibrating at such a warm, high thrum. Yay!

    I truly hope I can remember to do this like…every day.

  4. Theresa111 Says:

    I have linked yours and the TUT sites on my side bar. Lately, I have been reading the E-mails which I have received from TUT and for some reason today, I was compelled to find out about you and your blog. I recall now. It was because of your art and the way you have it displayed and most important is the fact that you offer it to the public, by way of selling your art.

    I am changing my thoughts and vibrations. I promise. What I visualize is that we all become friends and form an alliance whereby for a modest fee, you agree to join with me in selling my art and bringing about the dreams I have for an abundant, happy, fun-filled, successful future. How about it, smiley face?

    For far too long I have been grooming myself toward this point and it is now time for the coffers to rapidly expand … in my favor. Please stop by and really check out month after month of my work. Then we can cyberly get together in order to work out the details. It is a win-win situation. Plus because we are really talented and great personalities, we should have a blast.

    “Sleeping Kitten – Dancing Dog!”

    P.S. My virtual Cafe` is filled with art, pastry, reviews, uplifting posts, poetry, personal stories and much more. The time is now.

    When you visit, you will see the two links 😀

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