Actors, beer, darts and the Law of Attraction!

Last night I returned to my acting roots, Art Sake Studio in Winter Park, Florida, to see there annual show, Play de Luna. Which is written, produced, directed and performed by the actors of A.S.S.


This year Play de Luna was composed of 7 one act plays. I loved all of them. The stories, acting and comedy were great! My roommate (Duca) and I met a friend of mine there with her boyfriend. She is a writer and wants to explore more of her creativity and express herself with more than the written word. In eighth grade she was voted most likely to be an actress.


Afterwards we walked over to the local watering hole, McRaney’s Tavern for a pint of Harp.


After talking about the show and playing a few games of billiards. My friend and her boyfriend left to go to a bonfire party!


I stayed to play some darts and chat with some other actor friends of mine, as well as meet some new actors. One of the guys I met last night who was in Play de Luna was playing darts and was not able to hit 17.


He was telling the story with lots of conviction. “I can’t hit 17 to save my life. 17 has put a curse on me.” Meanwhile the girl he was playing against was quickly catching up.


It’s his turn again. Holding the darts in his hand aiming, concentrating, he throws the dart,  it hits the wall with a thud and drops to the floor.


“See, I can’t hit 17! What is my problem?”


This sounds like a job for the LAW of ATTRACTION man. I quickly run into the bathroom and put on my LOA necklace calling upon the powers of the universe.


I quickly assess the situation and realize he has temporarily hypnotized himself into believing that he can not hit 17.




By telling himself a story! He is sending out a strong vibration to the universe. He is telling himself a story that is creating his vibration. The LOA is responding to his vibration and giving him everything but 17.


I playfully tell him, “Dude, you CAN DO IT. You can hit 17. Come on 17. You did it, way to go, 17 is easy, you rock!”


He played along and accepted my offer by repeating a few phrases and making up some of his own. That’s the power I wield when I become LOA man.


He was picking up what I was puttin’ down.


He steps up again to shoot darts. Concentrates, aims, fires.


He misses again!?!?


I repeat some new phrases and tell him the new story. “You are a ninja dart master, 17 is easy as pie, you’re the winner.”


He steps up again to shoot his darts.


He hits 17!!!!


Free beer for everyone!


It really can be that easy!  When you change your vibration by telling a NEW story and start feeling good about the thing you were previously feeling bad about, you immediately change the results you’re producing.




What limiting story are you telling yourself that you believe is your reality?


Is it money, relationships, health?


You have to stop telling the story of how it is and start telling the story of how you want it to be.


Then you have to start feeling it.


The more you tell the new story and start feeling it and believing it, the sooner your vibration changes and the sooner you start experiencing a new reality!


It’s a beautiful thing!!!


Stay tuned next week for another exciting episode of LAW of ATTRACTION MAN!

11 Responses to “Actors, beer, darts and the Law of Attraction!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I’m so glad you have a blog now! I laughed out loud at the idea of you donning your special LOA necklace and becoming Law of Attraction Man! Finally a real honest to goodness superhero!

  2. Andy McG Says:

    There is very little needs to be said. Your words leave me very content as I am sure they do everyone else. Thank you.

    ‘Whats your 17’ -> that would make a great book title !

  3. Libby Says:

    What a great story. LOA in action. Wow!!!

  4. Mark Toms Says:

    Wow! LOA Man! I love it!!! I wanna be that someday….
    Wait, I quess I already am. I have used my LOA powers to create the life I now have. Thank you for reminding us with your wit and wisdom that we can manifest whatever we desire.

    Keep us laughing LOL Man, I mean LOA Man!

  5. Karen Says:

    Mark was raving so much about your blog today that I almost got my hackles up. “What am I? Chopped liver? I suppose you’re not even going to bother to read MY blog anymore!” I pouted.

    And then I read your blog, and I see why Mark enjoyed it so much. Liver or no liver, I want to say CONGRATS on this fun and uplifting new endeavor.

    Rock on, LOA man!

  6. Lisa B. Says:

    Dude where do I get a LOA necklace and I also want a superhero cape too 🙂
    Awesome story 🙂
    You totally Rock LOA man!!

    Oh wait was today’s art you as LOA man??? super cape and all!!

    I so busted you!! Super LOA hero!

  7. shakti rossano Says:

    Hey Andy…great story…i too had a similar experience in Hawaii during the TUT workshop put on by you and your brother Mike, where prizes were being given away! I told myself “oh i will never win anything …i never do”!
    Suddenly it dawned on me,”hey Shakti ,this is a thoughts become things workshop…maybe if I changed my thoughts i could change the outcome? Lets see if this stuff really works.
    So I closed my eyes…put on my LOA necklace and imagined that I was walking up to the front with everyone cheering as I collected my prize. The minute I opened my eyes voila! My number was called and I won the prize!
    This was the most powerful moment of my life…and it happened magically from one moment to the next!!!! The LOA does work….
    Awesome work Andy!!!!!
    I am definitely a fan of of your work!!!!

  8. Denise Scarbro Says:

    That is an awesome story!

  9. Mccleery Says:

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