ROAD TRIP – Fortune Cookie Friday!

I got a little behind shooting my Fortune Cookie Friday videos! Here is one on the road. I shot this one on top of the Flat irons in Boulder, CO. It was and awesome drive from Orlando to Colorado! ENJOY!!!!

4 Responses to “ROAD TRIP – Fortune Cookie Friday!”

  1. Steve Ulrich Says:

    Best comment I ever received was from a colleague in Australia who said when she found out that I had gotten the “marketing liasion” job for Asia Pacific – “this is like our winning the lottery” to have you in that job. – Gives me wonderful feelings everytime I remember that. – Steve

  2. Veronica Pierce (@Tarnwood60) Says:

    I have had my position for over 25 years – 23 of them as a aupervisor. I always felt I wasn’t doing enough, or short-changing my family or my work. I was given a special party on my 25th anniversary and many kind words were said. But the one that still makes my heart glow was sent in from a former colleague working in another state who wanted to let me know that I had been an inspiration to her. I realized then how we often are unaware of how other people really see us.

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