Gang Signs

Here’s a picture of my friends and me in Philadelphia at my Vibration Activation™ workshop!

What are we doing with are fingers? We are making the letter V with our right hand for Vibration and the letter A with our left hand for Activation!

Everyone who does it becomes an official member of the Vibration Activation™ club whether they know it or not! LOL

I love the light behind Janet’s head. She is an angel, healer and amazing woman. Next to Janet his her husband Mike who is the most awesome guy you could ever meet! On my right is my friend Tanya! She rocks! She just got Yoga certified and is becoming a life coach! After the workshop she took me to the BEST restaurant in Philly called Vedge! OMG! It was the best meal ever! Totally vegan and it was INCREDIBLE! Truly the BEST meal I ever ate! Thanks Tanya!

WooHooo! I love my LIFE!

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