Vibration Activation™ Club


Aloha my cosmic friend,

How goes it with you? Are you ready for 2013?

Let me tell you a quick story.

I was nervous. Questions filled my head.

  • Am I going to fail?
  • Am I good enough?
  • Do these glasses make me look bald?

I was taking a risk… but it felt good! In the end it turned out TOTALLY TITANIUM DUDE!

WE WON THE LOTTERY!!! Just kidding! Slight exaggeration:-)))

Everyone did win back their power to create and live the life they desire! The weekly calls were filled with insights, tools of transformation, laughter and love.

There were so many revelations I lost count!

  • New jobs/careers manifested
  • Self love was lost & found
  • Peace within was reclaimed
  • Harmonious relationships
  • Money was manifested
  • Friendships where made
  • A community was created
  • Happy dancing in the kitchen
  • And NO human sacrifices

What am I talking about? Vibration Activation™ Club.

For 12 weeks on Wednesdays and Thursdays I had two clubs limited to 10 people each. WOW! My life will never be the same! All of this took place on the telephone and on our private Facebook page.

I am writing to you because I want you to have a kick ass 2013!!! I want you to LOVE your LIFE even more. Manifest with ease and start vibrating on the frequency of your desires! BUYEAH!!!

I can guarantee you this… if you join the Vibration Activation™ Club you will find alignment with your desires in 2013 and manifesting will become easier! Plus, you will manifest 9 new friends who will totally support you!

One great thing about Vibration Activation™ Club is that it’s very affordable. YAY! You’re making an investment in yourself and your life! It’s only $149 a month for 3 months. If you were to sign up for my VIP coaching you’d be paying $250 and hour. Hello! That’s a great opportunity:-)))

Seating is limited, each week someone new signs up. I am just starting to promote the club now. I WANTED TO GIVE YOU A HEAD START! If you’re interested, PLEASE save your seat today and let’s make 2013 totally titanium for you!


I’ll see you on the BLISS train! High 5!


PS – Program Starts: January 9th or 10th. Wednesdays at 2:00pm MST or Thursdays at 6pm MST. Spaces are limited (10 per group) so reserve your spot today.

TESTIMONIALS from Vibration Activation™ Club!

“The impact the VA Club had from the first week to the last was so powerful and yes LIFE CHANGING – completely worth it : ) THANKS ANDY!!!” Mimi Chavan

“I love the VA club and working with Andy!!! He is fun and full of hope. I am making more money, have lost those extra few pounds and eating better and love is flourishing. I know now that” I can do it” and not give my power away.” Luanne Prima

“I want to really thank and acknowledge you for the energy and light that you bring to your work! I feel really great about my future and what is possible now! THANK YOU for helping me to hit the reset button. Life is good Brother.” Chris James

“Andy makes the LOA fun and doable. He meets you where you’re “at” and helps you actually get where you want to go–feeling good and having fun in the process.” Kathleen Baggot

“I really enjoyed my time with the Vibration Activation™ Club!!! The insights you provided, plus the excitement that the club members offer can only help our vibrations to consistently rise!! Thank you!” Marie Klanang

“Andy makes applying the LOA into your life practical and fun! Andy actually gives practical, simple techniques that you can use moment to moment to improve your vibe.” Heather Hunter

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