The Secret 2 LOVE!

Here’s my newest Fortune Cookie Friday video!!!

This past week I have been getting ready to pack up and move out to Colorado. I wasn’t sure if I could shoot and edit a video for Friday! So I did a little Vibration Activation™ and played That’s Right and boom it came together!

I love it when that happens. It’s FOCUS and FLOW towards where you want to go! It always comes together. I LOVE IT!

Let me know what you think and please subscribe to my YouTUBE channel. CLick Here!

2 Responses to “The Secret 2 LOVE!”

  1. Julie Says:

    Hey Andy,
    Love your vids.
    Recently the most loving thing someone has done for me is to participate with me in your workshop! What a fun give and take.

    The most loving thing I’ve done lately was to ask someone ‘do you want to talk about it’ and whammo….they diD! I wasn’t prepared for their story, so I just listened and afterward she said she felt so much better.



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