Manifesting is not hard:-)

Manifesting is as easy as breathing! We put too much focus on manifesting our dreams, trying to hard and this causes resistance!

Life is not about manifesting, it’s about flowing creative energy! Its about focusing on what you want, flowing creative energy and having FUN!

The day you LET GO of having to manifest something in your life to make you HAPPY is the day your life changes forever! Whatever you want is because you believe it will make you feel better! YAY! Listen to my radio interview about detachment! CLICK HERE!

So want it with all your heart, but ENJOY the journey, enjoy the ride like your surfing a wave.


On your journey to your desire you are going to experience CONTRAST! What do you do? SURF those waves of contrast! Tune into your creativity, discover more of who you are, expand into your divinity! Surf the waves with affinity! BUYEAH!

Manifesting is not hard, it’s already done,
Surf’s UP, time to have some crazy fun!

Ride the swell into your creative divinity,
Surf the waves of contrast with affinity!

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