2012 Transformation

Let Go of the OLd, and EmbrACe the NEw,
Trust Yourself, You’ll be AmAzed at whAt You Can DO.

New VibRAtions and OPPortuniTies Are EmErgEING,
Positive Energies ARe ConVerging.

The Time is nOW to shine yOUR Inner LiGHT,
The TiMe is RigHT 4 Your LoVE 2 TaKe Flight!

2012 is the year of the dragon. Which is known for, new beginnings, happiness and good fortune.  2012 represents the water dragon, which means deep transformation and many changes, like the changing tides and the waves on the ocean.

2012 is a year where you must develop the skill of getting good at listening to the voice within. There will be many changes happening quite fast and it will be easy to react from fear. You must learn to respond from love and kindness. All of your answers are within you.

Practicing meditation and visualization is now more important than ever.

2012 will be a year of unknowns, we will be entering into uncharted waters.  You must learn to embrace the unknown, find the calm in the storm and stay connected to source energy.

Let me ask you a question. Have you meditated today? Or visualized your success and happiness? If not, below are a few guided visualizations for you, ENJOY!

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