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LONDON – Infinite Possibilites Train The Trainer.

January 22, 2014

London was absolutely smashing!

The attendees loved the conference and where raving about how authentic it was. Some admitted they thought it was going to be bullocks. There was about 10 of us IP trainers/speakers/helpers. It was a blast. We all wore many hats at the conference.

I love seeing the transformation the attendees go through from the first day to the last. It’s so fulfilling and rewarding to be a part of their transformation. Than to hear their story at future conferences, when they are presenting on stage is brilliant!

I’m really looking forward to San Diego March 13th-16th. If you’ve been thinking about coming to a IP conference do it! You will LOVE IT! SO much fun! It really is life changing.




CLICK HERE to learn more about San Diego IP Training March 13th -16th 2014.