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Peek-A-Boo, it’s inside of you!

December 11, 2011

Number 1. Are you guilty of thinking negative thoughts?

Are you guilty of thinking positive thoughts?

Are you bipolar? Help!

The answers you are seeking, are not out there. They are inside of you, right behind your left kidney. LOL. Remember, you’re the one creating your reality based on your thoughts, beliefs and expectations.

The answers you seek are on a different vibration, or a different channel then the problem. You have to tune into the answer by thinking positive and FEELING optimistic for at least 68 seconds.

Be still, quiet your mind and you will hear your answers.

Number 2. Focus on where you’re going, not where you have been! This is a no brainer. But evidently many people have no brain, LOL!

Use the knowledge of where you have been, to determine where you want to go. Visualize yourself being successful, happy and naked! Just kidding about the happy part. LOL!

Visualize yourself meeting the right people. Create the feeling of success inside of you first and then allow your Inner Spirit Guide to guide you. You can read more about your Inner Spirit Guide in my book iManifest!

After you activate the vibration of your success and create the vision, then GO FOR IT!

Trust yourself, believe in yourself and KNOW you are worthy of success and happiness. Listen to my guided visualizations and you will SEE it, FEEL it and start LIVING it!


What R U looking for anyway?

November 10, 2011

EveRYthiNg YoU’re LooKinG 4 iS INsiDE of YoU NoW,
YoU’re ALwaYs After The feELing of WOW!

TuNe into YoUr SelF and SToP SeArching OuTsidE,
YoU haVe So MuCh 2 GiVe and Nothing 2 HIDE.

You’re LiKe A VoLcAno That’s ReAdY to BLoW,
EmBrace YoUr inner SpiRit and SaY HeLLO.

What R U looking for anyway?

A better life, more money, your keys? Did you lose your keys again?

It all starts by looking inside yourself. Because what you’re really after is the FEELING of success and happiness.

Duh! It’s easy to forget. That’s why you’re reading this! Yippee!

Ultimately, you want to FEEL better about yourself. Who you are and what you’re doing with your life.

The outside world is a reflection of your inside world. Which is made up of your thoughts, beliefs and expectations.

Don’t look to the outside world and don’t wait on the outside! You will die waiting! Look within yourself to feel better about your life.

Change your inner thoughts, beliefs and expectations. And watch the outside world transform into rainbows, butterflies and purple titanium unicorns. Just kidding about the butterflies!

Spontaneously yours,

Andy – AKA Mr. Vibration Activation©

Visualize it baby!

April 26, 2010

When you visualize you’re not visualizing to, ‘make it happen,’ you don’t visualize to tell the Universe/God/LOA what you want!

You visualize to create the FEELING of your desire!

Because how you feel is how you attract, and that’s a fact JACK!

You’re after the ‘AS IF’ feeling! ‘AS IF’ you were already living it, being it, doing it, having it. WooHoo!

Bonus Tip: Physically SMILE really big when you visualize, don’t stop smiling, ever!

Step 1: Close your eyes and play some inspirational music that moves you emotionally. (Really makes you feel good)

Step 2: Visualize your self being, doing or having your desire. Visualize yourself celebrating with family and friends! See yourself beaming with joy, love and laughter!

Step 3: Intensify your emotions by making the pictures in your mind bigger and brighter. Hear the voices of family and friends telling you how awesome you are. Say thank you, thank you during the visualization.

When the inspirational music you’re listening to comes to the end you’re done!

Now here’s the really FUN part!!!


This is your life! Don’t put it off till later. Seize the moment!

Don’t wait for your fairy Godmother to show up. She’s not coming! You’re the only one that can turn it all around; you’ve got to listen to that funky sound!

If you want help with guided visualizations check out my audio program. Click here! It’s filled with contemporary, uplifting guided visualizations. If you already own my audio program pull it back out and put in CD number 7 and visualize today and everyday!!!!

Andy – AKA. Mr. Funky

“Dude on the hill!”

November 24, 2009

Connect with your soul and feel your energy increase,
This will start the wheels turning, just like adding grease.

Become an unstoppable force of joy, love and peace,
Then you’ll be flying like a flock of wild geese!

“Dude on the Hill!”

I am in “WOW” of this dude on the hill that starts a dance revolution!

This is a MUST watch video!! (See link below)

• Being connected to your true self
• Not caring what anybody else thinks
• Being committed to living your dream
• Doing what you love
• The power of attraction

The video clip is only 3:19 minutes; watch it from beginning to end
and you too will be in “WOW!”

It’s truly AMAZING!!!

Click here to watch now

Here are some of my insights about the, “Dude on the Hill!”

Everyone who went to the Sasquatch 2009 Music festival wanted to:
• Have fun in the sun
• Listen to music
• Dance and celebrate life
• Meet a “hottie” or two

I believe, these are some of the same reasons you came to
planet earth?

Life doesn’t begin, until you begin living and giving. The celebration
of life doesn’t begin until you START celebrating!

What are you waiting for?

Too often in life we leave out the celebration part and sit on the
hill waiting for something to happen; then one dude comes along and starts celebrating!

The dude on the hill doesn’t care what anybody else thinks, he is
celebrating life and he’s totally committed to having fun! He’s connected to his true self, his source.

It’s amazing what happens when YOU become totally committed to
living your life on purpose with passion. Especially when you don’t
care what anybody else thinks. You’re doing what feels good!

To quote Abraham Hicks: “One dude on a hill that is connected
to source is more powerful then a million who are not!”

Okay, Abraham doesn’t say, one dude on a hill, but you get the idea.

When you become connected to your true self and you’re doing
the thing you love, you become a VERY powerful attractor!

People want to be around you! It’s your connection to your
source that gets other people reconnected to their source!

After you watch this video clip ask yourself a few questions.

• Are you living in the moment and celebrating life every day?
• Do you care what other people think? Be honest!
• Are you more concerned with how you look, as opposed to how you feel?

What you think and feel about, is what you bring about!

• Are you finding ways to connect to your true self?
• Are you committed to living your life with passion and joy?

Click here to watch now!


PS – Have you manifested your Blueberry muffin? If not, hang in there, I promise it’s on the way!

PPS – If you want to watch the full version (7:53 minutes, different camera angle and funny commentating).

Click here for full version

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The 3 F’s for Visualizing Your Desires!

April 28, 2009

1. Do it for FUN
2. FEEL good when you do it
3. FORGET about it

It’s FUN creating your own reality! Don’t visualize to make it happen, visualize for the FUN of it! Let the Universe make it happen! Your part is to have FUN!

Feeling good during the visualization is very important! WHY? Because how you feel is how you attract!

When you visualize your desire you are shifting your vibration and you’re sending a clear signal to the Universe that says, “this is how I want to feel!”

The more positive emotion you feel the quicker all of
your desires will manifest.

Forget about your desire! What? Yes, let go of your attachment! Remember you’re after the feeling not the manifestation. Your desire is just your excuse to FOCUS your brilliant, creative, sexy cranium. What you really want is the feeling… you love machine!

Let the Universe figure out the best way to give you the feeling you’re after. It might be your desire, it might not be. Focus on the feeling!

Your part is to have FUN, FEEL the good vibrations and
then FORGET about it!



PS – Don’t take any ACTION after you visualize, sit on your couch
and watch Jerry Springer! Just Kidding!

PPS – If you have been visualizing for years
and have NOT been able to manifest crap click here!

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