3 Fast Ways To Instantly Improve Your Situation.


Are you in the middle of a crappy situation? Bad relationship, health crisis, can’t pay your bills?

1. Change the MEANING of your situation.
Do you realize there is no inherit meaning in any situation. What happens to you is meaningless until you give it a meaning. It’s TRUE!

I recently met a beautiful girl, started dating, fell in love and then it did not work out! I felt like a failure. But as soon as I focused on the gift of the situation and changed the meaning I felt 1,000 times better about my situation.

One person can be going through a divorce and believe they’re unworthy and not lovable and another person in the same situation believes it’s an opportunity to discover who they really are and do what they really want. Emancipation baby!

What new meaning can you give your situation that will inspire you into living your dream?

2. Ask this simple question. What’s the gift in this situation? Really look for the gift and the opportunity. It’s an opportunity for you to discover more of who you are and to use the Vibration Activation™ tools I have been sharing with you!

Sometimes you’re so caught up in your situation you can’t see the diamond while staring at a piece of coal. Right now ask the question, what’s the gift in this situation?

3. Getting clarity about what you really want.
In the middle of every bad situation is the opportunity to get really clear and focused about what you want to create. I know this sounds simple but most people over look this opportunity!

Because of your crappy situation what are you clear about creating in your life now?

So what’s your bad situation? Is it a relationship, job, health, money, kids, your career, living space? You can improve it instantly. One, create a new meaning. Two. Ask yourself, what’s the gift? Three, get yourself really clear about what you want to create going forward.

It really is easy and you do have the power right now! Remember how you feel is how you attract. When you change how you feel you change your life!

Activate don’t hesitate,


5 Responses to “3 Fast Ways To Instantly Improve Your Situation.”

  1. Theresa H Hall Says:

    I like how you make your Capital A Andy,

    We must be on the same wave length. I wrote a post about crossroads and I have been watching your DVD “TBT”, almost every day for a month. I find I speak along with you (inside my mind naturally), so I may keep fueling my mindset with your words and ideas. It’s fabulous.

    Wonderful day,


    • andydooley Says:

      Sweet vibes Theresa!

    • Theresa H Hall Says:


      I did it! I did it! I manifested my more urgent desires over ten months … slow at first, and then I put the DVD away for a few months, but then over the past six weeks, I wrote down key points. … Like no matter what … focusing on the end result. The runaway train. I even wrote a blog post about this. Starting another train and forgetting (although this was the most difficult part) about the What ifs! The Universe and I are dancing with the stars. Thanks! Excited!!!


  2. Monica de Liz Says:

    That’s Right Amazing Andy! Thanks for your clarity + wisdom. We tend to overcomplicate our lives when the solution to attracting a better condition is ubes simple. It’s just a decision away 🙂

    Keep up the awesomeness Soul Brotha!!!

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