Why meditation is so important!

MeditateBecause everyday you are bombarded by negativity! Everyday you see and hear things that are negative. Plus, you think plenty of negative thoughts of your own. True or false?

All of this negative focus and thinking has a major effect on your ability to create and live the life of your dreams. It’s creating resistance!

Do you meditate everyday? Why or why not?

Today, I started a new 90 day meditation ritual. My chakras are doing the happy dance right now! Every morning for 15 minutes, I quite my mind and focus on my breathing! It’s bliss for me.

It’s funny, you make the time to brush your teeth everyday, but you can’t make the time to meditate everyday!?

Have you gone through times in your life where you meditated everyday and then, life happens, it slips away like a child’s red helium balloon at a carnival.

What if you started meditating again? What if you started to let go of all that resistance you have been carrying around. What if you stopped thinking negative thoughts?

Overnight your life would start getting better.

Did you know your natural state of being is JOY and LOVE! I know that can be hard to believe when you don’t feel much love and joy right now.

You were born knowing, you were born connected to Source energy, you are AWESOME, AMAZING, FUN and FANTASTIC!!!

WHAT IS MEDITATION? It’s the art of stopping negative thought, stopping all thought, even positive thoughts! When you stop ALL thought, your vibration rises. By stopping all thought you let go of the resistance that is holding you back from the life of your dreams. Remember, your natural state of being is JOY and LOVE.

Why are you not feeling joy all the time? Because you have 65,000 thoughts going through your head a day, most of them are negative! This causes massive resistance and stops the flow of your desires coming into your life.

Rather then try to make yourself think positive and use my famous phrase. “STOP. CANCEL. CLEAR! Get the fear out of here!”


Yep, quite your mind and AUTOMATICALLY your vibration will rise and your resistance will start to fade away like and old song from the past.

Are you ready to start meditating everyday? Starting right now schedule 15 minutes a day to meditate. You can DO IT!

  •  Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, do not try to force your breath or to make anything happen.
  •  Just BE still, become your breath and automatically your vibration will rise and your resistance will start to melt away!
  •  If you have any thoughts just let them go like the red balloon. It really is that easy and you can do it!

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT down below and tell me about your meditation experience and process. Check back as I write about my 90 adventure to meditate, activate and vibrate JOY and LOVE everyday!

Blissfully yours,


PS – EXCITING NEWS! Later this year I will release a new audio program filled with awesome guided meditations and visualizations! I’ll go into more detail about the art of meditating and visualizing and teach you how to drop your resistance and start living the life you want, the easy way! You will become a vibration meditation master! BUYEAH!

16 Responses to “Why meditation is so important!”

  1. bodybalanceron Says:

    Thanks Andy. I signed up for the Chopra center 21 day meditation on health. Meditation makes a huge difference in my life

  2. Dorothea Says:

    Don’t stop meditating when life spins in a downward spiral.
    Meditation allows your manifestations to run viral.

    I almost forgot!
    So, thanks a lot!

    For reminding me to relax through my recent life trials.


  3. Sheryl S. B. Bakalov Says:

    Didn’t know you had a blog on WordPress! Wonderful! Yes, this reminds me that I should meditate daily!! 😀

  4. Sheryl S. B. Bakalov Says:

    Reblogged this on Sheryl S. B. Bakalov and commented:
    Andy Dooley has a great article he wrote about how Meditation is SO important!! 😀

  5. Kim Healey Says:

    Thanks Andy- I know it works, and yes sometimes it has slipped away from me like a red balloon at a carnival. But I KNOW from everything that you have taught me and other sources that meditation brings me peacefulness & happiness where I literally feel like I could burst from joy . Such an awesome feeling ! I’m going to start again and this time I’m going to keep going!! Thankyou ! x

  6. IanB Says:

    He he – thanks Andy – by “strange coincidence” this arrived at just the right time for me. I’ve been thinking I need to do something to get back in touch with myself, like, er… meditate – but I’m just not making time for it. You’ve inspired me!

    Keep smiling 🙂

  7. Sharon Says:

    Andy you totally rock! When are you coming to South Africa?

  8. Jim Says:

    When do you think you’ll release these audios?

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