Do you LOVE your life?

ILOVElifeMonday is New Year’s Eve!!!!

You know what that means???

People all over the world will commit to exercising, dieting, starting a new career or business. They will commit to making 2013 AWESOME!

You know what will happen for most of them? Nothing!!! WHY?

Why do so many people FAIL, who have the best intentions?


They’re counting on ACTION to produce the result and forgetting about their VIBRATION of attraction.

FUN FACT: Action does not create lasting results, consistent vibrational alignment creates real results! The truth is you need both!

Remember, Vibration is the MOTHER of manifestation! I don’t care how much ACTION you take! You will FAIL if you can’t HOLD your new vibration consistently!

There’s NO MYSTERY why people fail, they are going about their resolutions/intentions all wrong and they are leaving out the MOST IMPORTANT component!


As soon as you are in alignment KA-BOOM!

  •  You’ll manifest the money or a new client shows up
  •  You’ll start losing weight and stick with it
  •  The relationships of your dreams shows up
  •  You take/win a trip to Tahiti!

FUN FACT: Everything that has ever shown up in your life and will ever show up in your life is because of the vibration your sending out to the Universe.

It really is that simple.

What makes it hard is – you have lazy and lousy FOCUS! You spend most of your time focusing on the problem, rather then the solution.

That is WHY it’s vitally important for you to invest the time and money to get Vibrationally fit as a fiddle, and solve the manifesting riddle.

  •  Activate your vibration to attract what you want in life
  •  Learn how to tell the new transition story
  •  Learn to STOP that negative train of thought
  •  Develop laser beam FOCUS on the positive
  •  Never let a negative emotion shut you down again
  •  Learn to shift your vibration from negative to positive lighting fast and have FUN!

I talk to people everyday who KNOW the power of thought vibration. Who visualize their success and happiness. But, they still focus on what’s wrong, they tell the old story of lack and limitation, and they make excuses for themselves – but they don’t KNOW how to CHANGE IT!!!

KA-BOOM!!! That is where I come in!

Can I get a Namaste! Thank you!

This is where I can show YOU exactly how to make the changes in your vibration that will shift everything for you! I have NEW tools and games.

Starting January 9th or 10th whichever works best for you is my totally awesome Vibration Activation™ Club.

If you’re going to MAKE 2013 the best yet YOU MUST LEARN to activate and manage your new VIBRATION of attraction!

This is a group of deliberate creators who want to have fun and get real results! Who want to kick vibration activation butt! Who know they have so much more to LIVE and GIVE and are ready!!!

This club is not for the namby-pamby, scaredy-cat who will show up for the first 3 calls and disappear into a chocolate cake.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll meet by phone once a week for 60 minutes, for 12 weeks!
Yes, 12 weeks of positive Vibration Activation™ coaching.

You will find this a very “hands on”, intimate experience with me and the others! 110% support will be available to you!

This club is limited to 10 people per group! 10 people in the Wednesday club and 10 in the Thursday club!

These gatherings will benefit you on many levels of your personal/spiritual journey. You’ll learn many new ways to tune-up your vibration of attraction. Remember, your vibration is everything! Yes, we’ll take action too but, inspired action!

You’ll develop your ability to become WAY more conscious of what you’re thinking and feeling!


  •  Activate a new vibration of attraction
  •  Get clear on what’s really important to YOU
  •  Feel totally supported by me and the others
  •  Be held accountable in a fun supportive way
  •  Discover the best Vibe Tune-up tools
  •  Free yourself from negative self talk
  •  Unlock your imagination and start visualizing with clarity
  •  Learn how to activate a new vibration that serves your highest desires
  •  Learn how to eliminate the negative vibrations that keep you from what you desire
  •  Learn to love the contrast and tackle every problem with vibration first.

You are going to learn the skills that really matter and that all great creators posses! Whatever you want to create, you can truly have it all!

I want you to have a kick ass 2013!!! I want you to LOVE your LIFE even more. Manifest with ease and start vibrating on the frequency of your desires!

One great thing about Vibration Activation™ Club is that it’s very affordable. YAY! You’re making an investment in yourself and your life! It’s only $149 a month for 3 months. If you were to sign up for my VIP coaching you’d be paying $250 and hour. Hello! That’s a great opportunity:-))) This price will not be offered again!

Seating is limited! I only have 4 seats on Wednesday and 3 seats on Thursday! If you’re READY to ROCK, PLEASE save your seat today and let’s make 2013 totally titanium for you!


I’ll see you on the BLISS train! High 5!


PS – Program Starts: January 9th or 10th. Wednesdays at 2:00pm MST or Thursdays at 6pm MST. Spaces are limited (10 per group) so reserve your spot today.

BONUS – Sign up now and receive the MP3 downloadable version of my audio program “AWESOME, AMAZING, FUN AND FANTASTIC!” a $89.95 value free.

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