Life is an all you can THINK buffet!

I can’t believe someone was offended by my choice of word, “TURD”! A subscriber to my email list wrote me to say she found it offensive and ineffective! I posted it on Facebook and asked my fans what do you think!

SHOCKING! I had over 100 comments weighing in on the use of TURDS! Some people said I don’t give a TURD. Most said it was not offensive. Another creative alternative/suggestion was pineapple poop! One comment said that obviously this person has bigger problems if she is complaining about the use of the word TURD!

Overwhelmingly, the feedback was very positive in favor of TURDS! LOL!

It felt awesome so many people shared their ideas and cared enough to write and support me! I FEEL THE LOVE! Thanks Facebook fans.

THANKS for reading! Andy

2 Responses to “Life is an all you can THINK buffet!”

  1. sharon frank Says:

    We ALL LOVE you Andy! anyone who has had the distinct priviledge of meeting you & attending your workshops can ONLY AGREE, you are by far simply an AWESOME dude with LOVE in your heart.

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