Stop TRYING!!!

I had no idea how this video was going to come together! I shot most of it on Wednesday, edited it together that night. Then Thursday I added bites and pieces and edited together the final version you see here:-)))) Johnny Aloha cracks me up! “I Vortexed myself!” Surfing from California to Thailand! LOL!

The song I used is called, “GANGNAM STYLE.” By PSY. You can read more about him here!

If you want to watch his music video click here. There are links in the video description to buy his album on iTunes. I bought it and LOVE it!

Back to my fortune cookie video and the message!

It happens to all of us! We TRY to make a change, we try to lose the weight, we try to transform our lives but very little changes!!! WHY?

Because we are trying!!! Stop TRYING and start DOING!!! Say to yourself, I am creating, I am moving forward, I am believing, I am doing it!!!

DOING gets it DONE! Don’t forget to have FUN while doing it!

Thanks for reading and watching!!! Andy

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