How 2 Change Your Life:-)))

Shooting this videos was sooooo much fun! I had no idea what song I was going to use for this Fortune Cookie.

I read the cookie and started shooting the video. Then I turned on my ipod and said, “Whatever song comes on, that’s the song I will use!”

Ka-Boom! There was Sheryl Crow singing, “I think a change will do you good!” It was perfect!

I did modify the message of the fortune cookie a little to fit the song! Then once I finished shooting the video I started editing it. Often times at this point, the video looks like a bunch of crap!

Butttt, I know this is where good editing turns the crap into a beautiful flower! LOL! Okay, not really but you get the idea! This is where I find the video clips that feel good and flow! I really LOVE the whole process!!!!

THANKS so much for reading this blog post and watching! Please share it with a friend! You know that friend that could use a change:-))) LOL!

QUESTION: What do you want to change in your life? Leave a comment down below!


8 Responses to “How 2 Change Your Life:-)))”

  1. Paula Says:

    I LOVE IT, I love it, I love it, your Fortune Cookie Friday video.

  2. Linda Says:

    I want to change my addiction to men, and smoking. I want to change my self doubt into self affirming, my self loathing into self love, and to walk closer to Jesus every day I have left on this earth. I want to cherish each and every moment of this beautiful journey.

  3. Ida Says:

    I want to stop trying and start doing
    I’m good at trying for a little while, then graduatly falling back in the same old habits.
    So, I want to stop trying and start doing

  4. Linda Says:

    Ida, you are so right, I too want to stop trying and start doing. Yeah, do or not do… You go Ida!!!!

  5. Linda Says:

    Andy, TUT thank you for thinking of this webblog… I believe it will be blessing for many of us TUTTER’S.

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