Arizona Vibration Activation™ workshop

Arizona was HOT and fun! Thanks to everyone who came out for Vibration Activation™ workshop!

I am always blown away when I meet people who tell me this is the BEST spiritual, metaphysical workshop they have ever attended, and they tell me they have been to dozens. WOW!!! Thank YOU:-)))))

I’m not bragging, okay I am a little! LOL! Hey you would to if you spent the last 4 years building a dream!

Now today it’s better than I imagined, I thought I was going to be  Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking! Now I am the World Champion of Vibration Activation™ and everyone is laughing their way to enlightenment!

NUGGET: Stay open minded as to how your dream might show up! Often times the Universe knows a much better way. STAY FOCUSED on the feeling you’re after! Be flexible and remember… U R AMAZING!!!

Thanks for being a part of my journey!

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