Abundant with opportunity!

Today is abundant with opportunity,
Lets come together as a community.

Feel the positive vibration of unity,
Think HAPPY thoughts and you will have immunity!

   Andy AKA – Mr. Happy


8 Responses to “Abundant with opportunity!”

  1. mary mccamphill Says:

    Thanks for sharing all your great prints with us!!

  2. Moko Says:

    that’s great words!
    now, I was Immunized! ho ho

  3. Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko Says:

    Thank you Andy.

    I Love, love, love this!!!

    Connection is best as we share with the rest; Positive, happy thoughts will get us through all of life’s tests!!!

    Have a magnificent week and weekend!!!! ♥ Dr. Angi

  4. Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko Says:

    Hello Andy aka Mr. Happy… (my name for you is Mr. Positive J. Inspiration (J is for JOY).

    Your blog (among your other ventures…videos, speaking engagements, books….etc) continues to not only inspire, but also bring so much joyful energy!!!

    Thank you! In appreciation for your ALL you do, I have nominated you for “Very Inspiring Blogger” award.

    You can find the details about it here: http://akissofbliss.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/awards/

    (I realize you are very busy; so do not feel obligated to pass this forward…but you would really make 7 other bloggers ecstatic if you did follow through with this as you have time…no pressure, really! LOL)

    With joy and blessings, ♥ Dr. Angi (aka Happyface…my nickname in high school…only a few people know that…but I guess now many more will know).

  5. Linda Bucher Says:


    From the above post, I’d say you must be vibrating “exposure” and not in the creepy way. Before I even came to this post today, I wrote my post, passing onto you the Kreativ Blogger Award with nice things to say about you because, face it, you ROCK! Grab the baton from my post here: http://lindabucher.com/so-i-hear-im-a-kreativ-blogger/


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