Break FREE of procrastination tomorrow – Funny!

It’s NeVer 2 Late,
To CHoosE LoVE oVER Hate.
It’s NeVEr 2 LATE,
To StoP goING in Circles and GO straight.
It’S NEver 2 LaTE,
To Tell a NEW story and FEEL the GLORY.
IT’S neVER 2 LaTE,
To StarT LiViNG the Life of yoUR DreAMS,
RemeMBER, Life iS Not WHAT it SeeMS.



One Response to “Break FREE of procrastination tomorrow – Funny!”

  1. Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko Says:

    I already shared it on Facebook…hooyay!!! It is never too late!!! That is GrEAT!!!

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