Reality… is my bitch!

WAIT! Before you unsubscribe or get offended please read below.

This statement is purposely designed to shock you!

Most of us walk around in a trance, forgetting that we CREATE the reality we are experiencing day by day. This happens to even advanced souls like YOU!

I want to shock you back into your power! Wake UP!

Most of us let reality bitch slap us around. LOL!  We get caught up in the illusion of life thinking we are at the mercy of a reality that is thrust upon us, forgetting that we are the ones creating our REALITY!

You are a divine, sublime, cosmic conscious creator. You are the master magician. Life is a book and you’re the author. Unfortunately, most of us are acting like semi colons.

NOT ANY MORE! Today is your day to take back your power! Say it with me….

Reality is my bitch! LOL!

Doesn’t that feel good? Can I get a Namaste!

If you could change anything about your life what would you change?

Guess what? You can change it right now because REALITY will do whatever you want it to do. Reality is your creation, including your body!

Focus on what you want and visualize the end result as if it was already done. Watch my video below, it’s all about imagination and visualization. And it’s Totally Bitchin’.

Spontaneously yours,


PS –  If you really want to discover the power of your imagination and how to use the law of attraction then check out my CHANGE YOUR LIFE audio program (AAFF). It’s includes awesome guided visualizations that will produce real results! Normally $89, now it’s an MP3 download for only $69. Click here if you want to change your life!

Here’s the video! ENJOY

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12 Responses to “Reality… is my bitch!”

  1. Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko Says:

    Heck yeah…YOU got my attention! I saw this posted earlier on one of my friends pages…I told her to train it and tame it. Reality is for us to control not the reverse. Dancing to the beat of my own BEATbox! Cheers (not fears), Angi 🙂

  2. Paul Says:

    You are fantastic

  3. Janae Says:

    I have to say I LOVE THIS! I come to your site and am instantly in a fabulous mood. Thank you!

  4. Patrick Brinksma (@patrickbrinksma) Says:


    1. Reality is my bitch, and I slap it around the way I want to.
    2. Reality is my bitch, and I like it.
    3. Reality is my sweet bitch.
    4. Reality just got bitch-slapped, by me!


  5. Yolanda Pope Says:

    Pimpin’ Reality is AWESOME!!!!

  6. Karen Hess Ferner Says:

    Having FUNNNNN!!!!!! wooohoooo!! You are the BEST visualizationer evah!!!!!!!!!

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