The Secret to Living is Giving!

You are the chosen one! Rise UP, you are healed! Can I get a witness?!

Woohoo! My cool brother Mike Dooley, got me a speaking gig at Bridges of America. But it doesn’t pay any money? This gig gives me something that money can’t buy. Fulfillment! It fills my heart with joy and I know I am making a difference.

It is part of TUT’s Train the Trainer program, what is that you ask?

We are a network of teachers, facilitators, coaches, friends, and mentors from every walk of life who lead/volunteer to provide a spiritual, non-religious, program on living deliberately, based on Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams, to those who want to learn and apply such teachings.

Here’s the link to the Facebook group.

Here’s the link to web page.

Bridges of America is like a half way house. It’s a six-month program for men that have been in jail. It gives these men the necessary skills to go back out into the real world and make a positive difference.

The majority of them are dealing with some form of addiction and a criminal record.  All of them want to do good,  they want a 2nd chance at success and happiness.  Some of them have never heard about the Law of attraction or the power of positive thinking. Most of them believe that life is unfair and cruel. At times feeling like victims of a world that has gone mad. There only escape has been drugs, alcohol and crime. They know they did wrong but they justify it by saying, “What else could I do under my circumstances?” Not knowing the incredible power that lies dormant within them.

Every Tuesday morning I would go to Bridges of America and speak to the guys for one hour. I loved answering their questions and reminding them how powerful and creative they are; I shared a lot of my own personal stories of success and failure applying the Law of attraction into my life. Which I talk about in more detail in my book iManifest!

Mike’s book, “Infinite Possibilities” has been converted into the official workbook for Train the Trainer program. However, Mike allows you to use the material as an outline and encourages you to bring your own style, stories and tools to the training.

Mike spoke for 1 year at the actual jail and then did 7 weeks at Bridges. I continued after Mike at Bridges. Soon I’ll be speaking at the Jail.

After hearing Mike and me speak, theses guys are now believing in their own power and starting to think more positive and visualize what they want to create for themselves.

In the Vortex at Bridges of America.

The majority of them have gone from victim to creator. They now understand the power of their thoughts and focus. They are beginning to see how their positive and negative thoughts are shaping their life experiences.

Each week I would end the one hour talk with a guided visualization of them being successful and making a difference.  Plus, we would do an incantation by Tony Robbins, called, The Voice.  It’s a very powerful and emotionally moving incantation that gets them feeling their power and believing in themselves. Here are the words.

(repeat 3 times)

If you could imagine aprox. 35 guys standing up, saying this out loud with enthusiasm and determination. It is emotionally moving, and incredibly rewarding for them and me!


When I think where I was 4 years ago, and how I turned it all around. Using the same tools Mike teaches as well as others I picked up along the way, I KNOW these guys can do it too!

It all starts with your thoughts, beliefs and imagination, the only thing ever stopping you is your negative thinking. I want you to know, it’s never too late!

I taught them my Vibration Activation© process for stopping their negative thinking and creating a new story, which they loved.

See the pictures of me in action at Bridges. Plus, soon I am going to add an audio clip from one of my talks.

So here’s to positive thinking and believing in yourself! And Thanks Mike for the gig, I owe you!

If your interested in learning about how you can become a trainer and reach out to people in need in your community. Click Here!

The guys from Bridges of America

4 Responses to “The Secret to Living is Giving!”

  1. Barbara Cole Says:

    Way to go Andy!!!!

  2. andydooley Says:

    Thanks Barbara!

  3. Valerie Shannon-Rohde Says:

    Andy you are awesome! Valerie here and next door!! to me is a half way house with 4 guys and I am wondering how to begin to approach them. – and even if I know how – after doing the training last year? I have the new workbook. Is there any one out here in the San Francisco Bay area I could join with to offer the materials?
    HI to Mike too! wish I could afford to do the training again to give me more confidence……….

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