Peek-A-Boo, it’s inside of you!

Number 1. Are you guilty of thinking negative thoughts?

Are you guilty of thinking positive thoughts?

Are you bipolar? Help!

The answers you are seeking, are not out there. They are inside of you, right behind your left kidney. LOL. Remember, you’re the one creating your reality based on your thoughts, beliefs and expectations.

The answers you seek are on a different vibration, or a different channel then the problem. You have to tune into the answer by thinking positive and FEELING optimistic for at least 68 seconds.

Be still, quiet your mind and you will hear your answers.

Number 2. Focus on where you’re going, not where you have been! This is a no brainer. But evidently many people have no brain, LOL!

Use the knowledge of where you have been, to determine where you want to go. Visualize yourself being successful, happy and naked! Just kidding about the happy part. LOL!

Visualize yourself meeting the right people. Create the feeling of success inside of you first and then allow your Inner Spirit Guide to guide you. You can read more about your Inner Spirit Guide in my book iManifest!

After you activate the vibration of your success and create the vision, then GO FOR IT!

Trust yourself, believe in yourself and KNOW you are worthy of success and happiness. Listen to my guided visualizations and you will SEE it, FEEL it and start LIVING it!


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