12 Responses to “FEEL GOOD NOW!”

  1. Randy Says:

    Your sense of timing (and that of the Universe) could not be better, Andy! This last week has been difficult, to say the least. Letting go of rules for myself and others hit me like a hammer between the eyes! Being happy is what I need now, and your message is just what I needed. Thank you for putting a smile on my face again and giving me insight on how to keep it there! Best wishes to you, and please don’t stop!

  2. Tina Rodriguez Says:

    I was so glad when I saw I had an email that had your name. I couldn’t wait to watch your video.. I love them all…. and everything you said is true.. Thanks again for the reminder!!!!!!

  3. Carol Stokes Says:

    Wow! You’re FABULOUS! Now whenever I want a little push upwards, I can just click on one of these YouTube thingies!

    Thanks so much,


  4. Jennie Says:

    Thank you so much! This is awesome! I was just about ready to drop right out of the vortex by making a phone call that didn’t need to be made but watched this instead and now I’m staying in the stream. Oh yeah.

  5. Richard Hyams Says:

    I love love loved this video! You’ve done a superb job of reminding me that the law of attraction is fun and I am all about fun and yet, at times, I can take the principles and the techniques really seriously, getting caught up in right and wrong etc.. And I love your choice of music. That song was one of the great ‘feel good’ and jump on the dance floor songs when I was a teen. After watching it, put in on loud and danced joyfully in my living room. Love it. Love you. Much appreciation here.

    Richard Hyams – Vancouver.

    • andydooley Says:

      Hey Richard,

      Thanks so much for commenting on my video! Later this year I plan on being in Vancouver!
      Bring your dancing shoes to my workshop and we’ll create some good vibrations!

  6. Richard Hyams Says:

    Yes, I will attend if I am in town. Do you have a date set?


  7. Antoinette de Colville Says:

    Hey G’day Andy,
    Thanks for the IN MY FACE reminder about being non-judgemental ~ both outward and inward. It’s not so easy to shake all those almost mantric internal conversations without inspiring the little reminders from peeps like you and Mike ~ Just because it’s not easy, doesn’t mean I can’t be enjoying a fun and interesting journey …
    The funny thing about writing to you:- is that I am writing it to spirit as much as to you 😉
    Many Blessings to YOU & YOURS

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