Visualize it baby!

When you visualize you’re not visualizing to, ‘make it happen,’ you don’t visualize to tell the Universe/God/LOA what you want!

You visualize to create the FEELING of your desire!

Because how you feel is how you attract, and that’s a fact JACK!

You’re after the ‘AS IF’ feeling! ‘AS IF’ you were already living it, being it, doing it, having it. WooHoo!

Bonus Tip: Physically SMILE really big when you visualize, don’t stop smiling, ever!

Step 1: Close your eyes and play some inspirational music that moves you emotionally. (Really makes you feel good)

Step 2: Visualize your self being, doing or having your desire. Visualize yourself celebrating with family and friends! See yourself beaming with joy, love and laughter!

Step 3: Intensify your emotions by making the pictures in your mind bigger and brighter. Hear the voices of family and friends telling you how awesome you are. Say thank you, thank you during the visualization.

When the inspirational music you’re listening to comes to the end you’re done!

Now here’s the really FUN part!!!


This is your life! Don’t put it off till later. Seize the moment!

Don’t wait for your fairy Godmother to show up. She’s not coming! You’re the only one that can turn it all around; you’ve got to listen to that funky sound!

If you want help with guided visualizations check out my audio program. Click here! It’s filled with contemporary, uplifting guided visualizations. If you already own my audio program pull it back out and put in CD number 7 and visualize today and everyday!!!!

Andy – AKA. Mr. Funky

7 Responses to “Visualize it baby!”

  1. Michelle @ Following Your Joy Says:

    Hi Andy,

    Awesome! I really appreciate the reminder that the visualizing is to create that ‘feeling’. I’ve been starting out many of my days with choosing a song that gets me off my butt and gets me dancing! For me, it’s the quickest and most direct route to tapping in to that feeling of being alive and being grateful for…life.

    One of my faves is Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” How can you not have a great day when that tune blasts through the speakers?! Sometimes I’ll dance with my husband before he heads out the door to work and we whoop it up together. I know it helps him to have a better day in cubeville. 🙂

    Sometimes I put pressure on myself that my visualizations ‘have to’ be a certain way or ‘should’ follow a specific method. But you reminded me that as long as I’m fully embracing the feeling (and of course coming from a place of gratitude), I’ve got it goin’ on.

    Thanks for your fun and playful way of showing up in the world and inspiring others.

    Rock on, Mr. Funky!

  2. AJ Says:

    Thanks Mr Funky!! Great post!

  3. Mrs. C Says:

    WOW, Michelle. Great idea. I always have a tune going on in my head. The next time the mood strikes me, I’m gonna grab my hubby by the hands and commence to dancing like no one’s watching…..boomchicawowow….now’s good!

    THANKS! Happy manifesting,

    Mrs. C.

  4. Joann Donahue Says:


    I love your spirit, your energy and your art work,
    This post is spot on..Seize the moment don’t put it off till later
    now is the time! right on!

    And yes all these little tips are important but more important
    is practicing them. It feels good to just read them and say I’m gonna
    do it, and then one gets up and keeps on doing what they have always done.
    I can say that because I have done that. It becomes a VERY conscious effort
    IF one really wants to manifest ones life!

    And with that I’m going to my favorite room, favorite chair and practicing my
    15 minutes of stillness.. 🙂

    JoAnn Donahue

  5. Michelle Higgs Says:

    PLEASE COME TO PERTH ON YOUR AUSSIE TOUR????????? Pretty please with a dollop of double cream!

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