Fear no more!

What are you afraid of?

Failure? Looking stupid? Come on, you have looked stupid and failed before. One more time is not going to kill you. It might SAVE YOU!

And what if you don’t fail this time? What if you break through and find the golden statue inside the temple?

WHAT IF today is the day…
• you meet that special someone?
• the deal goes through?
• your ship comes in?
• you have that killer idea?

Positive expectations lead to killer manifestations, dude!

The quickest way to KILL your fear is to live in the moment and SMILE. That’s right smile!

What are you waiting for your fairy Godmother?

Go ahead and smile right now, smile really BIG!!!!!!!

WOW you have a frisky, funky, fantastic smile, with chocolate sprinkles!

Andy – aka Mr. Smiley

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9 Responses to “Fear no more!”

  1. Randall LaBranche Says:

    Thanks again Andy for a great post….forwarded it on to some family members….they love your stuff. Enjoy Margaritaville!

  2. Michelle @ Following Your Joy Says:

    Hi Andy,

    I’m new to your blog and delighted to be here. My jaw dropped when I read your post as it resonted with me completely! I just published a blog post yesterday about sharing my own vulnerability in a presentation…where I lost my breath for a short time as it felt like a “coming out” moment for me. So uh, yeah–I did feel stupid! But as you said, it saved me, and pushed me out on my journey of ‘fully being me’…at least one more step. The golden statue ended up being right there within me.

    Can’t think of a better mantra than living in the moment and smiling! It works!

    Thanks for your simple reminder that life is so much easier than we tend to make it. Awesome! 🙂

    I’ll definitely be back. Best wishes to you for a super smiley day!


  3. DJ-RJ Says:

    Thank you for the reminder Andy! I had to retweet part of that.

  4. marc davies Says:

    Live in the moment and smile – or sing, whistle, dance and …you gotta love it. You made my day!
    Enjoy the journey is my mantra. To hell with goals……….
    Peace, prosperity, joy n laughter
    Elroy, the one legged lumberjack.

  5. Dorothea Finigan Says:

    Thanks for the great session in San Jose! It helped me to know I am on the right path!

  6. Harish Says:

    Motivation is the best drug to be addicted to!!
    You are awesome.. I am awesome.. and I am sure everyone in this world is awesome… 🙂

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