Think, Focus, Feel, Attract!

Think, Focus, Feel, Attract

“I drilled three, one-inch holes in my wall and they are all in the wrong places!”

“Holy hell!”

Here’s a story of how my simple formula,
THINK, FOCUS, FEEL, ATTRACT saved the day!

I was installing new shelves in my home office. A destroy-it yourself project. I mean, do-it yourself project!

Look out! I’m a man on a mission with power tools!!! Arrrrrrrrr!

DeWALT cordless drill 8.9 turbo, power saw, power vacuum, my nail gun and cement mixer!

I have 3 holes in my wall that need to be spackled and painted before I can finish installing my new shelves!

I was standing in my garage looking around… I find the spackling.


Now, where is the touch up paint????

I am looking everywhere, high and low, left and right! I even looked in my underwear drawer! Whoa, can’t tell you what I found there!

I am thinking to myself, “I know I have touch up paint”.
“I know I have touch up paint.”

“WHERE is it????”

Shaking the cordless drill to the paint Gods in the sky!!!! “I can’t find it! I can’t find it! I can’t find it! I can’t find it!”
Ugh, frustration!!

This means I have to go to the paint store? I don’t have time! But I have to fix these holes before I can install the shelves!

Wait a MINUTE!!!!! My vibration of attraction is way off. I am not in the receiving mode of my beloved paint!

Okay, let’s look at my situation. What am I doing wrong? Duh!!!!

Standing in my garage saying, “I can’t find it! Where is it? I can’t find it? I have looked everywhere!”

I am more focused on the lack of it, rather than the presence of it!

I am focused on what I don’t want, instead of what I do want.

I want the paint but I keep saying to myself over and over. I can’t find it, where is it? I know it’s around here somewhere, I can’t find it!

With my thoughts and focus on, “I can’t find it”, I now begin to FEEL the impossibility of finding it!!!

How I feel is how I attract!

Even though I want the paint, even though I visualize myself painting my closet. I am still so focused on how I can NOT find the paint, that I am NOW vibrating at a frequency that will not allow me to find the paint. No matter how hard I try!

I looked everywhere and could not find it! It’s gone!

KABOOM – FLASH OF LIGHTING! Suddenly I heard a voice inside my head! (Celestial music in the background)

“If you want to find the paint you have to start feeling like you have already found it!!!!!!!”

Whoa, dude! I slowly put down the cordless drill!

At first I could not find that feeling anywhere, because I was frustrated and starting to get angry!

The “feeling” of finding the paint was no where to be found!

This is where I used my THINK, FOCUS, FEEL, ATTRACT formula!

First I had to find a thought, one simple thought that would bring me the feeling I was after! I wasn’t even sure what the feeling thought would be???

I put my hands over my head and said, “YES! I found the paint! Woohoo! I did it! There it is! I knew it was around here somewhere! I found the paint. It was right there!! Ha ha ha! Silly me. I found it!!! Woohoo!”

Now I just radically changed my whole body and the way I feel, by simply thinking new thoughts and using my body! (hands waving over my head.)

I was now FEELING AS IF I had found the paint!!! I was living it. I was now vibrating on the same frequency as the paint.

Then I said something spontaneously brilliant, “I found the paint, it was in the……”
I paused for a half a second because I was now going to say where I found the paint, but the truth was I did not KNOW because I had not found the paint yet!!!

I was lying to myself!!!!

But hey, I am just playing pretend, make believe, no big deal, just make up a location where I found the paint! Gulp!

I said out loud, “I found the paint in the… washing machine!!!!!”
Laughing, I danced around singing, I found the paint! It worked!

Then I thought, “Okay forget about it, go do something else.”

I walked out of the garage and just for kicks went into the laundry room, I looked inside the washing machine. I laughed at my silliness.

Then I stopped and looked up above the washing machine. I have cabinets. Inside those cabinets is laundry detergent, rags, shoe polish, etc.

I had the impulse to open up the cabinets……………

I opened up the cabinet door and……….. there was the paint!!!

I found the paint!

WHY? Because I found the feeling first!!

Feeling first, manifestation second!



First, I thought new thoughts. Then I focused on those new thoughts! Then I focused those new thoughts into the FEELING. Then I attracted my desire!

I would have NEVER found the paint if my focus and feeling was on the lack of paint, even though my desire was for the paint!!

I wanted the paint, I wanted it so bad!!! BUT IT wasn’t until I focused on the FEELING of finding the paint and feeling AS IF I had already found the paint that I changed my vibration of attraction and was now in the receiving mode of finding the paint!!

What are you looking for in your life?

What is driving you crazy because it has not manifested yet????

Right now how would you feel if you found it, discovered it, attracted it? How would you feel??? Feel it now by using the simple formula Think, Focus, Feel, Attract!

FIRST you have to deliberately think new thoughts. SECOND you have to focus on those thoughts for at least 2 minutes, 3 times a day. Throw in some guided visualization for fun. THIRD you have to feel those new thoughts!!! Get that feeling going inside your mind, body and soul. Feel the excitement, passion, joy, gratitude and appreciation. FOURTH know you are attracting it to you.

Then celebrate AS IF it’s already done and be happy! Now you are in the receiving mode of all your desires!

Remember, the feeling has to come first, the manifestation comes second!

If you can feel it, you can have it!

Think, Focus, Feel, Attract!

Andy – aka Mr. Home Improvement

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69 Responses to “Think, Focus, Feel, Attract!”

  1. Petra Says:

    Awesome! Can I tell you the story with me and crispy sausages?

    It was on the 1st of January, in the morning. we were preparing breakfast with a friend… sausages! & i was telling my friend how i like crispy sausages! i really do. we had them with fresh salad and fresh bread (mmm i love having food after a long party night). and the sausages were crispy… but not quite crispy enough…
    Since it was the first of January and everyone had been asking what my new years resolutions were (i just didnt feel the calling to make one up before) i decided that this should be my new years resolution: whatever comes, whether i like it or not, whether it is good enough or not, I’m going to be Happy For It! As much as I Can!
    so i decided to enjoy the sausage as much as i could! and the universe answered! because i had a bit of extra salad on my plate after the sausages finished and i needed just a bite. and that one bite i had for last was sooooooo crispy and i was enjoying it so much! (mm it makes me go hungry now)
    so thank you universe! and i promise i will listen to you more often! and I will be Happy for Everything! As they come..

  2. denise Says:

    : ) Perfect… Perfect… Do it yourself home improvement lessons!!!
    As buddy Wayne (Dyer) says… Your body is a home to yoUr soul …
    blessings, denise

  3. Aleksandra Says:

    You are crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stop laughing all morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can you make all the things that seem so hard to be sooooooooo easy?!

  4. Amanda Says:

    You are to funny! I loved the story!! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anthony Fasano Says:

    Thanks Andy, this will definitley help me attract the things I have been thinking “aren’t happening for me.” It was a funny story too…lol

    • andydooley Says:

      Yo Anthony, You are the master attractor. Get out your power tools and start fixing things around the house! Stop, all you need is imagination and the feeling!

  6. Ginny Brennen Says:

    I cannot imagine what it is like to be your neighbor!!! I can just see and hear your friends and neighbors saying , “Did you hear that”? “He’s at it again”!!!
    “What did he lose tis time”?
    You Andy are a source of inspiration,fun and joy , i love your videos , your art , and your infectious hunour . Thank you.
    I wish I was your neighbor…

  7. Lily Says:

    That was great. I needed that! I thought I had this figured out but I’m still waiting for my little cactus. I know that I’m going to manifest it now because I need to stop getting frustrated. Ha, I didn’t think I was. Thank you so much.

  8. Cindy Says:

    Hi Andy!
    Thanks for sharing your funny and uplifting story! Are you related to Tim Taylor? You had me laughing! And just when my husband and I were on that downward spiral over our small business. 2009 was dicey and we hung in there keeping one another positive. But we’ve recently stopped feeling it…and hope flew out the window.

    Well – it’s time to Think, Focus, Feel and Attract what’s in our hearts – laughing all the way! Thanks for this story, I’m sending it to my husband to enjoy, too!!!

  9. Valerie Says:


    P-E-R-F-E-C-T!! Just what I needed. Hysterically funny and yet poignant…

  10. Lisa Says:

    LOL LOL LOL….received exactly at the time I needed this! So I read through your Think, Feel, Focus, Attract! and do the manifestation to attract the $5K I need….then open Michael’s email from the Universe and this is what I read…

    2010 Customized Abundance Advisory and Relativity Alert (shhhh…)

    Soon, for you Lisa, hundred dollar bills in forgotten blue jean pockets will be as plentiful as singles are in your wallet today. Earning an extra five thousand for lending a hand will only be as challenging as earning five hundred, today

    Ahhhh…how different I feel from 10 minutes ago for I have found the money I need and will manifest this again two more times today and every day after! Thank you Andy & Mike you keep me focused. Much love for you!!! Lovely Lisa ; )

  11. Karen Kay Says:

    Hey Andy,

    Thank you so much for sharing your personal story – That is such a perfect example of how the Universe can work in our favor if we just get out of the way. It took your almost sarcastic comment (um….I’m so glad I found it by the – yah that’s it – by the Washing machine…) to allow you to step back and let it do it’s thing.

    Worry is such a tough animal to break. Your story comes from a common place, yet has a phenomenal point. I thank you for sharing your life with us. You make this world a much nicer place to be, Andy!

    I am working on a project with some friends we have tentatively called “passion into cash”. I am adding your life example to my list of contributions for my part of the story. I hope that’s okay! If you are up for it, I would love to interview for it as well.

    Thanks for the wonderful message Andy. I am blogging this comment with a trackback. You are phenomenal!

  12. Maureen Anderson Says:

    I loved today’s message AND the artwork! You made me laugh especially at the “found it in the washing machine” part! By itself, that was silly enough and made me laugh… then I really love how “for kicks” you went to your washing machine and actually FOUND the paint! Laughed even harder! Such a great story. Perfect timing for me… as there is a big, important thing I wish to attract in my life and I really needed to recall that the way to do it is to focus on what I want and not the thing I don’t: Think, Focus, Feel, Attract… OK, I got! 🙂

  13. healershelper Says:

    Andy, thank you for this PERFECT and graphic description of how to really use LOA. Perfect, perfect. Just like you!

  14. Ramona McCary Says:

    Andy – Sunday was Epiphany Sunday – Whoa! I’m thinking these are mini “epips!” Did I just invest a new name for blogs? This is too fun. e-pips!

    I left my sapphire earrings in the… cup!

    Love the post!

  15. Rick Fox Says:

    right on Andy. I have done this exercise without even realizing it. I once lost my 5 foot long Iguana for three days. Three days into it after thinking and focusing on the fact that I did not have him and he was sure to die soon outside in the winter air, he was still missing. Finally after re-focusing and “feeling” Iggy’s presence and convincing myself and believing that I had found him (and maybe even becoming him in a sort of mind meld way) I walked clear across the lake looked up into the very top of one of a dozen Oaky Moss trees and spotted him blending into the foilage. Once I felt and believed I had him back to safety, warmth and to his food he was quickly found!

  16. Nickole Says:

    HA! You are hilarius!
    I did a similar thing last night, woke up to my boyfriend’s alarm at 4am, he’s getting ready to head to the airport, I realized that my one ear plug that brings me many hours of peaceful rest had fallen out. I scrambled feeling blindly through the bed, couldn’t find it, got up went to the washroom, came back did another sweep through the sheets. NOTHING! ARRRGGHH!! I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep without it, so there I lay, half awake, having given up on the earplug and 2 more hours sleep, then suddenly I had a thought, what if I just reached my arm over to the right and grabbed it, so I did and THERE IT WAS! I was trying to hard before and focusing on my frustration of probably not being able to go to sleep, when I stopped for a moment and just relaxed, the answer and guidance came!! I was so pleased and fell right back to sleep!!! In the passed I have lost an earing in the bathroom, only to have some other item fall off the counter and when I go to pick it up, I realize that it has fallen right beside my earing, almost as if to show me where it was! I love it when these kinds of things happen!! So FUN! Thanks for sharing your story!! Have a funtastic day!!!!!!!!!!!! =o)

  17. John Fitzgerald Vargas Says:

    Live from Orlando, is “Andy Dooley Live!” , starting ….Andy Dooley, with especial guests, Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, and Miss Colombia- Taliana Vargas! { Google her 😉 }

    Bro! You told that one as if it were live!, and because of that, it felt as if it was happening to me at the present moment that I almost went to my laundry room to look for some pink glowing paint!!!

    ( Well, at least I found a bright pink ‘tiny’ underwear. …:) )

    Thank you so much for the Lesson, Almighty Teacher!

    John Fitzgerald Vargas

  18. Virginia lukei Says:

    This was super duper, extra helpful. I am frustrated about continually having to get treated by my accupressurist and not having the money for it and being upset about how much I owe her. (how nice that she lets me pay later, huh? That’s something to be grateful for)
    I’m going to get in the vibe of having paid her!

    Virginia Lukei

  19. Scott Says:

    I am trying to convey the power of positive programming to my Disc Golf students. Most of the time they are talking (programming) negatively and telling themselves what “not to do” instead of “what to do”.
    If you keep telling yourself not to hit that tree with your Frisbee…you will hit the tree. You have negatively programmed yourself for failure. The only thing the brain gets is “Hit the tree, hit the tree”
    Now if you pick a path around the tree and tell yourself to stay on the line that flies around the tree, you will fly your Frisbee around the tree and not hit it.
    This positive programming makes a HUGE difference in Disc Golf and I am going to make every one of my students read your article about THINK, FOCUS, FEEL, ATTRACT.
    I think this will make the light bulb go off for some of my Students. They have a hard time staying positive on the Disc Golf Course. Most of them see the trees as being “in the way” while I try to get them to use trees as cross-hairs on a gun site…use them to line up your shot. Perfect!!!
    Thanks Andy. We will throw sometime on the Orlando courses. FUN & FREE!
    Sincerely, Scott…PDGA #5003

  20. Barbel Says:

    Andy…OOPPSS….YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!…..and it FELT soooooooooo gooood! I am screaming in ecstacy…yes, yes, yes…I love it….I love it…ooppss…now you got me all into my feelings…….. Just this morning I was working on that process and got stuck for a moment, opened the computer and here you are getting me back to focus! Thank you for being the RadiantlyU that you are!!!

    Barbel 🙂

    Ps. I did get the radio show I was wanting/attracting…I would love for you to be a guest….!!!

    • andydooley Says:

      Barbel, I see your in the Toastmasters club with John Kinde! Your life has taken off! You are a superstar!

      Yes, I’ll be a guest on yoru show! What dates do you have open?

  21. Sammay Says:

    Andy, any day that an email arrives from you is a GREAT DAY! Thanks for your stories, your art and sharing your words o’ wisdom with us.

    In Joy, Sammay

  22. sonia Says:

    This is really powerful. I was waiting for a phone call, I was DYING for that call and it wasn’t coming. Then I read your post, I went to the kitchen so nobody would see I was acting like a complete fool and said out loud “yeah! it’s great, he’s calling” I put the phone next to my ear and acted as if I was talking and the phone RANG! It was a matter of seconds and I’d spent the whole day waiting for that D… phone to ring! It’s huge! thank you!

  23. Kiki Says:

    Right on! I have used this method for years to find lost objects, and have taught it to my kids as well. We use it all the time, and it works wonders for all of us! (Yeah, we lose things a lot.) Once even used it to “miraculously” retrieve our lost cat, who had escaped into the great outdoors for the first time (and only time, so far!). Fun post!

  24. garry Says:

    g,day mate , you make it sound so simple, it cant be THAT simple CANit THANKS MATE you put a smile on my face every time i hope i can return the feeling for you sometime HAVEa great day!!! in the washing machine !! that,s funny HAW! HAW!1 from ozz in garry

  25. Jane Baxter Says:

    My husband just sat me down to read this, as I have been ranting the past five minutes because the one CD I want to listen to has pulled a Houdini. All of a sudden, I *feel* that I know where it is!

  26. Michael Says:

    Awesome….just what I needed…a little reminder. Thanks Bro

  27. Michael Says:

    I forgot to say how much I look forward to your emails…and how I appreciate your sharing them with me. This one was the best!!! It hit me at a very deep place and feed me what I needed for my minimum daily requirement of spiritual nourishment. Thanks so much

  28. Jesse Callaghan Says:

    Hi Andy

    Firstly – thank you for your awesome cd set. It was delivered very quickly and its really inspiring ….and such fun. I’m on cd 3 and have listened to the first two 20 times over ( just kidding). Having a ball listening to them.

    Loved your story ’bout putting up the shelves. And do you know what?? Just half an hour after reading your tale, I lost my mobile phone. I had taken a call, put it down somwhere and then spent the next 30 minutes wandering from room to room telling myself how can I be so stupid not to find where I had put it.
    BIG TAP ON THE SHOULDER, FLASH OF LIGHT …..what did the lovely Andy Dooley say …….you KNOW where it is ……its …… my little office (where I am now talking to you).
    Yep, you’ve guessed it , sat down, looked to my right – and there it was on the shelf. YEEHAAHH!!

    I AM beginning to feel good all the time and I AM having a ball !!

    Thanks for your guidance, enthusiam and ENERGY xxx

    Hugs of Love Jesse xxx

    P.S When are you coming to England ??

  29. Randi Says:

    Love this story – and love how kooky the “washing machine” idea was, yet EXACTLY where you needed to be to find what you were looking for. Got me thinking….I’m pretty right on manifesting what I consider to be minor stuff (like paint ; )), but never thought about using that FEELING with money….until NOW! Got into the feeling as I was reading your question – and totally got butterflies. hee hee.

    Thanks for the realignment.

    Success and blessings : )

  30. Catherine Says:

    Hi Andy,
    That is an AMAZING story. It puts a whole new spin on manifestation and being in touch with your intuition for me (and I’ve been partying with my psychic self for a long, long time!). Thank you for giving me something to think on and something new to play with!

  31. Marjorie Says:

    My husband Vaughn, was asking me at lunch how the law of attraction can be put into practical terms, “Where is the map?” he said.
    When I checked my in-box this evening, there was your “Think, Focus, Feel Attract!” Answers are coming more quickly, now, aren’t they?

    Good Manifesting, eh Vaughn?

    Giggles and Love,
    Marjorie, she who always gets what she wants

  32. Lisa Says:

    Thank You for that awesome story!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Barbel Says:

    Hey Andy…yes, I am in the same Toastmasters club with John Kinde, Steve Pavlina and Darren LaCroix (Powerhouse Pros) as YOU suggested when I attended your seminar in Jacksonville….best tip any man ever gave me…in my book that makes you a RadiantlyU person…my schedule to get you on the air is flexible, call me any time and we’ll work it out…702/683-3715…

    Barbel 🙂

  34. Gaye Says:

    Hi Andy,

    If i dont have any idea of the feeling of being rich, living in abundance or prosperity, then how can i appear these feelings ??

    Thanks for all advices.

    • andydooley Says:

      Do you know how to feel good? I am sure you do:-) If you have asked for wealth and abundance, then it has been given! Now you just have to feel good!

      Specifically to feel more abundant watch movies or TV shows of the people living in abundance. But don’t take on there problems etc. That is not to say wealthy people have problems reg. people don’t . It’s just often times TV and movies portray the wealthy as evil or with really bad problems.

      Go where the money is, drive through a really nice neighborhood where the wealthy live. Go to a 5 star hotel and have a cup of coffee.

      Where your nicest clothes and have lunch some where nice. Valet park, get a massage, do anything that makes you feel good. Wearing your best clothes and shoes purposely will make you feel rich!

      CREATE a vision BOARD ASAP!!! Get pictures of nice things and inspiration quotes on your wall! Look at it everyday and FEEL the wealth!

      HAVE FUN! Don’t make this stuff hard and ABOVE all feel good NOW!! Don’t wait!

      See you at the Ritz!


  35. melissa Says:

    love it! and i super LOVE the artwork that came out of the experience, you are so uplifting! so glad your brother mike posted a link to your website in an email i got earlier this week, bummer that i’m in southern california while you’re up north and i’ll miss you in sac and san jose. have a great trip in cali!!

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