“Dude on the hill!”

Connect with your soul and feel your energy increase,
This will start the wheels turning, just like adding grease.

Become an unstoppable force of joy, love and peace,
Then you’ll be flying like a flock of wild geese!

“Dude on the Hill!”

I am in “WOW” of this dude on the hill that starts a dance revolution!

This is a MUST watch video!! (See link below)

• Being connected to your true self
• Not caring what anybody else thinks
• Being committed to living your dream
• Doing what you love
• The power of attraction

The video clip is only 3:19 minutes; watch it from beginning to end
and you too will be in “WOW!”

It’s truly AMAZING!!!

Click here to watch now

Here are some of my insights about the, “Dude on the Hill!”

Everyone who went to the Sasquatch 2009 Music festival wanted to:
• Have fun in the sun
• Listen to music
• Dance and celebrate life
• Meet a “hottie” or two

I believe, these are some of the same reasons you came to
planet earth?

Life doesn’t begin, until you begin living and giving. The celebration
of life doesn’t begin until you START celebrating!

What are you waiting for?

Too often in life we leave out the celebration part and sit on the
hill waiting for something to happen; then one dude comes along and starts celebrating!

The dude on the hill doesn’t care what anybody else thinks, he is
celebrating life and he’s totally committed to having fun! He’s connected to his true self, his source.

It’s amazing what happens when YOU become totally committed to
living your life on purpose with passion. Especially when you don’t
care what anybody else thinks. You’re doing what feels good!

To quote Abraham Hicks: “One dude on a hill that is connected
to source is more powerful then a million who are not!”

Okay, Abraham doesn’t say, one dude on a hill, but you get the idea.

When you become connected to your true self and you’re doing
the thing you love, you become a VERY powerful attractor!

People want to be around you! It’s your connection to your
source that gets other people reconnected to their source!

After you watch this video clip ask yourself a few questions.

• Are you living in the moment and celebrating life every day?
• Do you care what other people think? Be honest!
• Are you more concerned with how you look, as opposed to how you feel?

What you think and feel about, is what you bring about!

• Are you finding ways to connect to your true self?
• Are you committed to living your life with passion and joy?

Click here to watch now!


PS – Have you manifested your Blueberry muffin? If not, hang in there, I promise it’s on the way!

PPS – If you want to watch the full version (7:53 minutes, different camera angle and funny commentating).

Click here for full version

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2 Responses to ““Dude on the hill!””

  1. Rob Bensman Says:

    Your messages are great, as is your art!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Rob Bensman

    on vacation in the Caribbean

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