Nothing is off limits

4squaresLet go of your old story of lack and limitation,
Look to the horizon and find your new destination.

Feel your creative power and be strong,
Embrace your life and sing a new song.

I’ve had it… enough already!

I don’t want to hear about it again!!!


STOP telling that story of how you’re getting old,
life’s not fair and you’re computer illiterate!
If you want to change your life you MUST
change the story you’re telling about YOUR life!

You know you can have ANYTHING you desire,
nothing is off limits! This is NOT just positive thinking
and butterflies. This is the law! You know it works,
be honest, your whole life is proof!

All you have to do is… wait a minute! Brace yourself
for the, “That’s too good to be true,” answer.
READY? Seat belt on? All systems go!

All you have to do is keep your eyes on the prize.
Stay focused on what you WANT and tell the STORY
how it’s beginning to show up for you. How you’re
enjoying the journey. You’re listening to your heart.
You’re beginning to live the dream. You’re dancing
with life and you have found your groove!

Stay focused like a laser beam on what you WANT,
count your blessings (Facebook friends) and
FEEL good now! Celebrate today because all of
your dreams are on the WAY!!!

Love, butterflies and new stories,


PS – This week have fun manifesting Rock Star
parking spots!

PPS – Thanks for all the butterfly stories!

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2 Responses to “Nothing is off limits”

  1. Mom/Sheelagh Says:

    Today’s blog was really great!

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