My Top Secret Formula!


You’ve been taught that it must be hard,
Well that is just a bunch of lard.

Remember, it’s the Universe’s job to figure out how,
Your job is to ask, give thanks and be happy now!

I AM GUILTY of making my life harder then it is! Are you guilty too? Say yes, I don’t want to be alone!!!

I say enough of making life & manifesting harder then it needs to be!!!!

Below is my NEW formula, actually I have been using it for a long time! I have now decided to share this top secret formula with you, my beloved reader!!!!

This formula works every time, I am living proof. I dare you to start using it… double dare ya!!!!

1. Ask for what you want! ASK! When you ask for something the Universe hears your request and gives it to you! The reason you don’t receive it immediately is because you don’t believe you can have it that easily. Plus, there is a built in time lag because life would be scary if everything you asked for was instant.

2. Say THANK YOU!!!! Start saying thank you even before you receive your desire. Say thank you every day through out the day! Just say thank you, thank you, thank you! Why? I’ll explain in a minute.

3. Be HAPPY NOW!!!! Why is this so hard? Because when we were kids we were not happy until we got what we wanted. We had to show our parents how sad or disappointed we were until we got what we wanted! Showing the Universe how sad and disappointed you are does NOT work!!!!!!

Let me tell you a story
Once upon a time…. I was flying to South Carolina. When I booked online I tried to get a first class seat but it was sold out! Bummer dude!

STEP 1 I ASKED for first class! I asked the airline and the Universe!

STEP 2 I started saying THANK YOU!!! Even though first class was sold out! THANK YOU and I felt gratitude and appreciation!!!

STEP 3 I started being HAPPY before I had my seat in first class! Crazy I know!!!!

Right now imagine yourself being happy without your desire!!!!!!!! Can you do it?

I have learned not to wait on the outside world to give me my desire before I allow myself to BE HAPPY!

When I arrived at the gate, I checked for first class seating, nothing! NO seats! Bummer dude! However, I did not let this bother me even though I needed the extra leg room and space to continue writing my book on my big 17 inch laptop!

Even though I had no seat in first class, I was happy and saying THANK YOU! Then I forgot about it and was busy writing my book and creating art!

I am now boarding the plane and the flight attendant says, “Mr. Dooley there’s a seat available and we’d like to upgrade you to first class!!!!!!!!!!”

Amen!!! Sing it with me AMEN, AMEN, woo-hooooooooo!

Why is saying thank you so important!!!!
Because it shifts your vibration and makes you feel good! Remember how you feel is how you attract! Saying thank you puts you into the receiving vibration of your desire!

Being happy now also puts you into the receiving vibration, plus you look so much better with that big smile on your face!

Now it’s your turn
What is something you’ve been asking for??? Now say thank you as if it was already in your life! Visualize it as part of your life. Now smile really big and be happy! Be as happy as you can be!!! And really feel the gratitude and appreciation!!!!

You might be thinking, this is WAY too easy, so easy you don’t try it!
Do it for the next 72 hours and watch what happens!

I double dare ya!!!!

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6 Responses to “My Top Secret Formula!”

  1. Paula Says:

    Wow, thanks Andy! Love your blogs and I’m enjoying watching your expansion, you’re amazing. Now, I’m off to write thank you letters! 🙂

  2. Gilberte ZOUEIN Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you ANDY for your lovely blog always.

    ” THANK YOU “.

  3. Barbel Says:

    Thanks Andy for the great reminder! Love your passion about it jumping right of the page! Keep it coming!

  4. Gayle Says:

    Saw you a few months back in Tampa – love the joy and enthusiasm that comes through in your writing and your speaking. Thank you for the affirmations and the reminders. I’ve got your blog as a favorite now and will refer to it often. As Barbel said above – keep it coming !

  5. Kirk Says:

    Another great post! I all the tips are spot on! I just more people would read this! keep up the great work! cheers

  6. Annie Says:

    I just attended Andy’s workshop today in Santa Fe and it was AWESOME. Inspiring, wonderful, funny, life changing. THANKS ANDY!!

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